14th May 2018

Wooden Labyrinth from BRIO Review.

When I was a lot younger I had a wooden labyrinth and loved it so much. I knew the boys would love it especially Little Man who is now 7. I think that at some point most people will have played or remember the wooden Labyrinth game.

The game is made of wood and its made in my opinion to a very high standard. It is really easy to move with the little knobs on each side and 2 silver balls which are included.

I think the game is fantastic for concentration because this game is not easy and requires a lot of concentration. Not only do you need to think where you are going, you also need to think about moving both knobs with each hand in order to tilt the top in the correct direction. Whilst you may think it looks easy I challenge you to say that after having a go! It is only a one player game as only one person is able to play at once however you can all play by trying to beat each other. The top part has numbered holes all the way around it so when one person had a go the next person tried to beat the highest number that anyone had already got. it can also get quite competitive which is fun, a bit of competition is good. Your go ends when the ball falls through one of the holes, the number on that hole is then your score. The ball then rolls under the wooden track and comes back out of a small hole at the side of the game.

Every other Sunday we always have a couple of hours just playing games. No technology and just good old fashioned board games and this is a new hit in our house with everyone. Whilst Bubs is only 3 he still likes to have a go, if he moves it right and the correct times he can get a little way around but at 3 he really is too young to play.

The game comes in a cardboard box and requires NO setting up and NO batteries which is a massive hit with me, its like to plus points right there straight away! It is so easy to store by just popping straight back in the box once finished playing with it.

We have all played this game loads and non of us have yet completed it, I would love to know if you have? I am still trying and have been close, one day I may complete it.


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