14th May 2020

Why we decided to Home school our children

Today we are into our 8th week of lockdown and homeschooling. Things are going ok but this was a role I have been thrown into with no choice. I have never wanted to be a teacher nor have I ever wanted to home school our boys. So why have we now decided to not send them back to school I hear you say?

Boris Johnson announced that Reception, year 1 and year 6 are hopefully returning to school from the 1st June 2020, something that we think is way too soon to happen. Not only has our death rate and infection rate only just started to drop, this will be a logistical nightmare for schools. I mean schools can hardly control the spread of nits let alone keeping reception and year 1 children 2m apart all day.

For Doug and I we feel that June 1st is too soon and so we have decided that we are going to homeschool the boys until WE feel the time is right and safe to send them back into school. I just think the government are trying to rush things. We have been in lockdown for 7 weeks, the infection and death rate is now falling yet I worry we will soon be back at square one. I just don’t see how the school can keep the children safe like we can at home. Splitting classes in half may possibly be do-able whilst only certain years are back, how will this work when the whole school is back? If the classes are halved then they will need double the amount of class rooms, this just won’t magically happen at every school. Children sneeze and forgot to cover their mouth, they touch their mouths and faces and then touch toys and pencils. At the age of reception children, they forgot they can’t get close to their friends and they will run up to them forgetting the 2m rule. This just isn’t an option we are even willing to consider right now. Luckily for us the school is understanding and putting no pressure at all on parents to send their children back.

Homeschooling is not something I want to do really, however I have no choice for my children. I have to home school them other wise they will fall behind. The school gives topics each week and I am signed up with various different websites to help with teaching from home. I feel that we are now in the swing of things and it is becoming a lot easier. We have worked out our own little routines and ways of working and what works best for us.

I also love the fact we can do things we like doing. So whilst there are certain things we do every day like spelling and reading as I feel this is so important at such a young age. We love to do things that maybe you wouldn’t do at school such as baking, gardening, learning to ride bike without stabilisers. Maxwell also loves learning to tell the time, and looking at half and quarter fractions which he is amazing at and wouldn’t normally learn in reception.

One thing I started to do that makes life a whole lot easier for me is… Every Sunday I now set and print off all the work for the week. I then put it into separate folders named Mon, Tue, Weds etc, this saves me so much time each night as I am not sorting the work every night before the next morning. The children can come down, get the correct folder for the day of the week and then their work is there ready waiting for them. I feel this has taken a lot of pressure off me to make sure the work is set every day.

The teachers support us on the school app and encourage the children when I send pictures of work they have been doing.

Do you home school, how do you find it all?

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