23rd December 2019

Why is travel insurance so important?

As a family we travel abroad a few times a year and I always make sure we have travel insurance no matter what. I actually buy a yearly policy because it works out cheaper that way than buying multiple ones a year for each trip.

99% of the holidays we have been on we have used our insurance and that is why it is so important to have, if we hadn’t of had insurance the cost to us would have been thousands over the years. My eldest seems to suffer with ear infections from swimming and so most holidays we tent to need antibiotics for his ears. The last trip we took I ended up with a water infection and using the insurance again for myself and there have been various other medical issues we have had to use our policy for. For us as a family travel insurance is a must and something I wouldn’t even consider travelling without.

I do however know some people who go away and take their chances that they won’t need to use it. The truth is no one knows what medical emergency could happen from something tiny to something life threatening and imagine the costs if you had to have an operation and a long hospital stay, the chances are you wouldn’t be able to afford the costs and in turn they could refuse to treat you. With UHC Safe Trip you can get a quote right away for your up coming trip.

Taking out a policy really is so simple and quick. You usually only need to put in your travel dates, where you are going, number of people traveling and any pre existing medical conditions and you will get a price. There are sometimes different levels of cover you can buy depending on what you to have covered. If you then need to make a claim you can just call up the number on your policy, tell then what your issue is and they will give you clearance over the phone to say you are covered. Sometimes there may be an excess to pay and this is set by yourself when taking out the policy. I always go for one with a very low excess which means there is less cost to us.

If you are someone who goes abroad with no insurance, next time please think about the massive cost implications should you need to use the healthcare when on holiday.

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