28th June 2015

Why I HATE and feel let down with my Silver Cross Linear Freeway

When I was pregnant with Bubs I knew straight away I wanted to buy a Silver Cross Pram. With Little Man we had a Graco and whilst I liked it I didn’t Love it.

I always had my eye on the Silver Cross Linear Freeway and as soon as I knew I was expecting my 2nd we went to order it. I was only about 12 weeks pregnant when we ordered it so I had 6 months of waiting to use it. Trust me that’s a long time to wait when you’re so excited about something, especially a pram.

A couple of weeks before Bubs arrived we built it up and it was fairly easy to build. I looked at the pram almost every day with excitement. Picturing my newborn baby in it and pushing it about.

A few weeks later Bubs arrived and we took him home from hospital in the Silver Cross car seat we had also purchased. I loved it and it was great. Bubs looked so comfy and cosy in it, especially with the lovely cover that came with it too. HOWEVER try not to have a big baby as you will never be able to carry them. The car seat is just about manageable without a baby in it. So just make sure you have a small baby and you will be fine.

It wasn’t long before we used the buggy and at first we used it with the carry cot white part inside. The first few times we used it both of us loved it. It wasn’t long after that I started to dislike it and the more I used it I started to hate it and really regret my decision. All of the excitement of buying the Silver Cross buggy had been smashed and I was really quite upset about it. So where shall I start.


When you want to put the hood up or down it makes such an awful clicking noise. If your baby is asleep in the buggy and you need to pull the hood up or down…DONT!! Leave the hood or you will wake your baby up and no new mum wants to wake her sleeping baby. If you are in a quiet place (doctors waiting room) and you need to put the hood up or down… DONT, everyone will look at you like you just unloaded an automatic machine gun. Trust me if you’re in a quiet place or you baby is asleep then leave the hood where it is. This is also the same with the car seat.





The main part of the hood has no structure to it at all. So when the hood is fully-out there is nothing in the hood to make it keep its shape. So what this means is… DONT go out on a windy day. Whilst there is no wind the hood is fine. If there is wind then forget it, the hood blows right in either onto babies head if he/she is sitting up or right over their face if laying flat in the buggy. Neither is ideal really, so either stay inside if it’s windy or keep the hood flat and not open. Hummmm bit silly as wind is what you want to keep off your baby so also not ideal to keep the hood closed. There is a plastic feeling rod in the hood which is attached to nothing and just moves around in the hood. No point to it at all so no idea why it is there.

I waited until we had a windy day to show how the hood blows in. Here is the outside…


Here is what it looks like on  the inside and this isn’t the worst it been when windy. It blows in even more than this if really windy. As you can see comes right down to his face.



If baby is laying flat and you have the hood fully extended right around the edge is a massive gap. I don’t know about you but when my baby is laying down asleep I like him to be warm and not laying in a draft. Really there should be a couple of poppers on the hood to press on the side of the carrycot. There are 2 poppers on the back but this makes no difference to the sides where you can easily see daylight if looking from the inside out. The way the hood pops onto the carrycot is stupid, if you want to sit baby up from laying you have to open the poppers or the hood just looks stupid.

On a cold or windy day your baby will get a draft. This is the same both sides.



Why the hell is the hood so low??? Silver Cross what were you thinking when you made this buggy. People know Silver Cross for its quality name. Well this time I think you have got it so wrong. So when Bubs is sitting in the buggy, I can pull the hood over him so the sun is just about off him. If the sun is behind us then the hood needs to be pulled further over him, so rather than it going up more and coming over it just goes straight down. Long story short… He can’t see anything and I can’t see him. Do I pulled the hood over him so he can’t see anything and I can’t see him or do I leave the sun in his eyes????

Cant see my baby at all. Do I let the sun be in his eyes or do I settle for not seeing him?


Low down picture showing Bubs cant see out at all. Silver cross clearly think that to keep the sun out of babies eyes they need to not be able to see at all.


He is 9 months old and head almost touches the top already. How this will work when he’s another year older I have no idea. His head here is about 2 inches from the top IF that.



I say don’t take this buggy shopping as you really DO NOT want it loaded with anything more than needs be. It’s already so heavy to push let alone when its loaded down with shopping.

Overall all I feel massively let down and absolutely gutted with this buggy. After saving up and having so much excitement about this buggy It’s all ended as disaster. I really can’t say how excited I was to use this buggy, Now I am reverting back to my old Graco buggy as this Silver Cross buggy really is that bad. I totally trusted in the Silver Cross name, now I have nothing positive to say which isn’t how I wanted to feel after being so excited.

All I would say is… If you looking at getting this buggy then please don’t. You will regret it and you will be disappointed. Silver Cross may well be known as the quality brand however this buggy lets the whole name down.

Do you have this buggy? What do you think of it?

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9 responses to “Why I HATE and feel let down with my Silver Cross Linear Freeway”

  1. alex says:

    We had this pram when Lamb was born. Luckily I bought mine second hand. I didn’t mind it with the car seat attached but soon began to hate how big and heavy it was! Like, who makes prams that big these days?! I also dreamed of pushing my newborn around in a silver cross, that dream was soon shattered and replaced with a lightweight, compact petit star zoo, quint zapp xtra, and finally a baby jogger city mini which is amazing.

    Such a shame to read this but hopefully you will help others when decide what pram to buy xx

    • Blogging Mummy says:

      I would be absolutely gutted If anyone bought this buggy. I really hate to write negative things like this but I felt it really was needed. People can not be blinded by the Silver Cross name. I love the baby jogger city mini. I think thats the one I am going to buy for our next step buggy. x

  2. entertainingelliot says:

    I have this buggy! Overall I loved using it however I do agree about the noisy hood, its so stiff. I never really had an issue with the wind and it being drafty but I do remember when my son was a baby and using it as a carry cot, the top cover never actually reached his head so I used to have to put a blanket under the cover to keep his neck and shoulders warm!
    The only real issue I have found is that it sets off alarms in shops!! Its totally bizarre and Silver Cross had no answer for me but theres something on that buggy that sets the security alarms off, it’s very embarrasing. We thought it might be the bag but that got emptied and theres literally nothing on the chassis that would make the alarms sound – very bizarre!
    Although it is a big buggy I used to find it really useful if I was shopping and didn’t have the car, I could cram lots of bags underneath. It is a bit bulky to get in and out of the car but I just kept a little fold up stroller in the boot and used the silver cross for when I needed to get the bus or just round my local area.
    My son is 3 in September so we don’t use the silver cross very often these days but he still fits comfortably in it. I’m quite sad that I don’t get to push it much now!
    Sorry you’ve had a crap experience with this buggy xx

    • Blogging Mummy says:

      Hey, Thanks for you comments… How bizarre about it setting alarms off, i can imagine thats really embarrassing. I really want to find something that I like about this buggy and I just can’t. Im not really someone to moan either but do feel strongly about this buggy and it wasn’t cheap either. It was £650 so on par with their Pioneer which looks absolutely awesome. I really wanted to use this buggy for quite a while however it won’t really get used any more and My Graco is getting used again at the moment. My first was in his Graco till he was 3 and still fits in it now he’s 4. In the Silver cross the hood wouldnt even come over his head now.

  3. I have the silver cross mono dot 3d. Biggest regret ever and its not like I can afford to buy another travel system either. I have found it so heavy and I have to carry it up and down stairs when I go out. Also other similar problems like u have with this one.

  4. Kelly says:

    I have this pram and I love it. My Son is 2 now and I still prefer to use my pram rather than my buggy any day! I don’t drive so I find that it withstands our journeys, whilst providing my Son with more comfort. As well, I actually find it easier to push than the buggy because it is that much heavier, that it sort of rolls itself. The only negative I have is the rain cover. It’s so big and unmanageable that it consumes the whole basket when placed underneath. But over all I adore my pram and now we are planning our second, I’m gutted to find that they have stopped making them.

  5. A says:

    Hey, sorry but I really believe you may have not put the hood together properly because there are 2 rods inside the hood and it’s actually pretty sturdy, I never had any issues with it collapsing onto my babies and have used it for 2 babies over 3 years. And also the pictures you have of it covering the baby’s face you have clearly pulled it way too far over….this is a good pram overall, the carrycot is a bit weighty but other than that it does what it says on the tin….sorry to say but this looks like user error.

    • Chrissy says:

      Looked at the pictures again and again – really doesn’t look like you have the 2 rods in place and that is why you have these problems – please try to sort it before writing off the pram.
      My oldest is almost 3 and she still fits in it fine, head doesn’t touch the hood….

      • I took the pram back to Mothercare where it was bought from and they agreed with me about the issues, they sent it off and Silver cross offered me a full refund after almost a year of having it.

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