16th January 2014

Which Dishwasher would you choose?

So how many of you have a dishwasher? My Mum and Dad first got a dishwasher when I was still a small child so growing up my job was always load up the dishwasher.

There are so many advantages to having a dishwasher, whether you are living on your own, old, a big family a dishwasher always comes in handy.

Comparing Dishwashers

There are many different dishwashers on the market now days it can be difficult to decide which on is best for you. There are the full size dishwashers. Great for medium to large families. Has around 12-14 different setting and you can choose to have it built-in or under the counter. 

full size

You can then choose the slim line dishwasher which is great if you have little space in your kitchen, or if you have a small family or live on your own. Small families often don’t have enough dishes to fill a full size dishwasher so this one would be great.

slim line

You can then have a countertop dishwasher. These are great if you are renting a property or if you have no space for one under the counter. These countertop dishwashers are also great if you have a caravan or mobile home. No one likes washing up when on holiday. So with this Countertop you can take it away with you which saves time while you are wanting to enjoy yourself.  Has between 4-6 settings.


With both the full size and slim line dishwashers, these can both be integrated into your kitchen. This would make the dishwasher look like it was another cupboard and fit in with the rest of your kitchen.

Which Dishwasher would you choose?

After you have chosen your dishwasher you need to think about what soap you will use in it. So this should depend if you live in a hard water area or a soft water area. If you use the wrong type of product in a hard water area a sticky soap curb can be the result. This can cause your dishwasher to have problems or break down. I live in a very hard water area and this can be seen when we pour a glass of water. It is sometimes very cloudy.

Using a Dishwasher does save you money. If you wash up in the sink, you first of all waste cold water down the sink while waiting for the hot to come through. You then wash up in the bowl and maybe change the water a couple of times. Then after washing I normall rinse the dishes under cold water. When using a dishwasher no water is wasted at all.

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