29th January 2016

When Binky came to stay with us.

Who is Binky I hear you ask? Binky is a Monkey who lives at school in the week and each weekend he goes home with a child for lots of weekend adventures.

Last weekend Little Man was lucky enough to bring Binky home. We had lots planned and was going to take lot of pictures of Little Man and Binky together, however Bubs was taken into hospital and it was a very hard weekend. This meant we only have the chance to pop out for a couple of hours whilst my Mum stayed with Bubs. We had promised Little Man that we would go out and we needed pictures to print off and put in the Binky book.

We popped off to our Local meadows and managed to get some lovely pictures. Little Man had a great time for the small amount of time we were actually out for. He loved me taking pictures and helped me print them all off on Sunday night.

Little Man was very sad to see Binky go back to school on Monday morning and he spent Sunday night snuggled up in bed with him.

Here are a few pictures of the two of them together.









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9 responses to “When Binky came to stay with us.”

  1. Awww how cute I love the idea of kids getting to take home the class cuddly toy.
    I hope ur boys will be feeling much better soon.

  2. Loving his little palm tree bed! We had the nursery teddy to stay and Munch woke crying at midnight for 3 days after he went back. I could have killed them!

  3. Wow! It looks like Binky had a wonderful adventure with you xx

  4. Kerry norris says:

    What a lovely idea. It teaches them responsibility. What a clever school. Looks like binky had quite an adventure x

  5. Oana says:

    Oh, sweet, Emma’s school does not have anything like that but I have heard other mummies complaining when having the class stuffed toy as a potential germ carrier. I am glad to hear yours was a happy experience.xx

  6. Oh this brings back memories! My older children had a bear in nursery – Barney I think he was! Pickle should be now bringing him home in the next year too! Kaz x

  7. Nawww thats cute – Maisy had Larry the lobster home a few weeks ago – unfortunately it was the weekend they were with their dad and he forgot to take any photos at all! Poor Larry! xx

  8. I really like that idea that it’s a different child each weekend. My middle daughters nursery has a beaver that they can take when they go on holiday or big trips

  9. It is such a cute idea and it is so sad that you didn’t manage to get out much. I hope your littlest is feeling much better now though x

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