1st November 2018

Whats that smell review

If you are a long term reader of my blog you will know we love a family games day. We love any type of game wether that be a board game or a fun silly non board game.

We were recently given the chance the review What’s that smell and I knew it would be so much fun just from the name of it.

So what does the game include…

This is a game the whole family can play and it is so simple to set up and play.

You have to use your whiff strip and sniff then simply write down what you think the smell is. There are bonus points to be picked up along the way if you share embarrassing / funny stories to do with the smell. Some of the smells are actually OK but some are absolutely disgusting and will make you feel ill.

The winner of each round is able to pick out someone to sniff the whiff of shame, just make sure you win every round trust me!

We played this with our friends but the kids did have a few sniffs as well and ran away shouting thats YUK! There is also an app which you can also download you DO NOT need this to play the game and you have the choice if you would like to use it.

The game is hilarious and we had so much fun playing it, such a funny game which really will get you laughing and gagging at the same time!

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