15th October 2016

What is a ‘professional’ blogger?

What is a professional blogger? I don’t know do you?

Some people call themselves a professional blogger and I would love to know what makes you a professional blogger?

Is it once you have worked with a certain company or reviewed a certain item? Is it when you have been on a certain day out? Or maybe it is once you have reviewed a holiday, or you are part of the certain ‘in’ group?

I have been blogging for 4 years now and don’t call myself a ‘professional’ I am just a blogger. No better, no worse than the next blogger. Were all here doing the same thing, the thing we love which is writing on our blog. Meeting up with other like minded people at events and generally enjoying what we do.

I work as a Technical Engineer and have done with the same company for 10 years now. If someone asks me what my job is I say… Technical Engineer, NOT Professional Technical Engineer.

When do we class ourselves as a professional? At what point in our blogging journey do we suddenly go from being a blogger to a professional blogger?

Is it when you blog has won an award? Does this mean a ‘professional’ blogger is just out to win awards? I’m not saying it does I’m just asking a question! Are blogging awards even right? That’s a whole different story!

If you class yourself as a professional blogger I would love to know at what point you became a professional and what makes you a professional!

Blogging= to connect, to share, to inspire, to create.

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22 responses to “What is a ‘professional’ blogger?”

  1. i would have thought Professional blogger is someone who earns money form what they do, established blogger who has thousands of view per day with lots of sponsored content as well as personal, at least that’s how I understand it. I am far from being one, I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and don’t earn a penny from my blog purely it just doesn’t make any sense to me how can I charge for a copy and paste job, but everyone is different I suppose.

    • Yeah I get your point hunni. I however have worked at my job for 10 years and it is where I earn a lot of money from. I don’t say I am a professional technical engineer though, I am a Technical Engineer?

  2. Nige says:

    Fantastic post I would love to know what a pro blogger is I just write because I like writing if you find out what makes you a pro blogger I would love to know.
    Awards indeed a another story all together

  3. Kerry says:

    I have been blogging for over 4 years and still wouldn’t class myself as a professional blogger although I do earn money from it I just don’t like using the term but don’t mind others using it if they wish. Great post xx

  4. Mummy Matters says:

    Love this post, I have been blogging for 7 years, earn a good wage from it, attend events, have been a blog ambassador for lots if great brands and have helped people set up their own blogs – I am NOT a professional blogger. I am a blogger, just like everyone else. I think a professional blogger is simply someone who thinks they are better than the rest of us and they aren’t.

    Awards – oh yes a popularity vote, I’ve heard of those too

    • YES YES YES, you are on the same wave length as me!! I have to say I think it is because people want to make themselves sound better than all the other ‘normal bloggers’ Its like if you speak to people who work full time they don’t put professional before their job title. Its like Doug earns a full time wage as a technical engineering manager, if you asked him what he does he wouldn’t say…. I’m a professional technical engineering manager just because he earns a full time wage from it, He would say Technical engineering manager lol!! Its totally a popularity contest. Thing have changed so much in the 4 years Ive been blogging everything is a competition, wanting to be better than everyone else. xx

  5. This is really interesting as I have found myself wondering the same thing I’ve not been blogging long but I have noticed a “in crowd” vibe sometimes

  6. Kim Carberry says:

    I have been blogging daily for nearly 4 years and I am far from a professional blogger as you can get. I don’t earn a penny from it….I use a free blogspot address and some people say I am a waste of internet space…I think a professional blogger is someone who makes a living from blogging.

    • No blog is a waste of internet space lovely, so don’t ever let anyone make you feel like that!! its your blog you do what you want when you want with it. xx Why do people have to say they are a professional blogger though? why not just a blogger? Its like me saying to someone, what your job… I’m a professional solicitor, I’m a professional office worker, I’m a professional technical engineer. People do say that do they lol. So I don’t see why bloggers do. People say I am a solicitor, an office worker or a technical engineer. xx

  7. What makes someone a professional is a discussion that’s had in a lot of industries. My day job is in public relations (yep, I’m one of them ). In that industry the understanding of ‘professional’ is that you have qualifications like a degree or diploma in PR, journalism or marketing that gives you a knowledge base from which to perform your job and you also continue to develop yourself through CPD. I’m not aware of any blogging degrees or accredited qualifications that bloggers can do to achieve the same type of professionalism. I think people say they are professional if they make their main income from it. However, I don’t, yet someone else has called me a ‘professional blogger’ in the past. That’s their perception, not mine. It’s an interesting topic…

  8. Stephanie says:

    Pfftt he he professional technical engineer, made me chuckle out loud. I’ll be a professional internal communicator by the pro- blogging logic. Except I’m no and don’t get the pro blogging bit either and am not a fan of the term (you might have realised that!)

    • I just don’t see why people have to put the word professional in front of blogger. Why not just full time blogger lol. Its all a popularity, I am better than you kinda bull S@~*

  9. You’ve hit the nail on the head. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years and am in no way a professional blogger or pro blogger has many like to term it. Yes I earn a wage from my site, yes I attend events, yes I review products but that doesn’t make be any different or better than the next blogger. It is sad to see how the blogging community has changed over the past few years and that there is so many trying to out do each other or tell others that they are wrong and that they should be doing it their way.

    • Your so right. it is really sad that people cant just blog and do what they want. It is a massive popularity contest I feel esp at the minute, its become more so like this over the last year id say. I just don’t feel the need to say Professional in front of the word blogger when people ask what your job is. xx

  10. Sarah says:

    I think it’s just to differentiate between hobby blogging and career blogging. You wouldn’t call yourself a professional Technical Engineer, but I’m guessing you also wouldn’t technically engineer for free either…? Xx

  11. hexmum says:

    Totally this, I have been blogging for nearly 6 years, I have won no awards, I just enjoy writing and remembering special memories with my family, I gave up my part-time job a few months back and now earn from my blog and do some social media management (which has come about from having a blog) I am still thankful for every opportunity that I am given and to be honest get a bit fed up with other bloggers telling me what I should and shouldn’t accept as payment, when and how I should blog, if they think they are superior, good for them, but the amount of time that some bloggers spend on their blog does make me wonder if they are maybe missing out on their children because they are too busy writing about it xxx

  12. Kelly says:

    I never actually thought about it. I have been blogging for a really short time but my goal is to turn it into a full-time job. If I achieved that goal and was asked what I do I would just say blogger.

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