6th February 2013

Wednesday 6th February 2013. WoodGreen Animal Shelter.

As some of you may know, every Wednesday little man and myself attend Mini Movers. It is a playgroup in our area and its the best one I have ever been to. It’s not clicky like most playgroups I have been to. Every week there is a different craft to do such as , painting, play doh, making and sticking, drawing or colouring. Little man really loves going and better still its only 50p.

This week Wood Green animal shelter came in and bought in some little mice. The lady did a really good presentation, even though she had to battle through screaming, crying and rude mums who were chatting. She bought some teddy animals in, to show all the animals that they have at Wood Green. My little man was so pleased when the lady asked him to hold the chicken. He thought it was great, and had a massive smile on his face. At the end the lady had some real mice, she let the children touch them and give them a stroke.

I would like to thank Wood Green for the lady coming in (I don’t know her name) she did a great job. Even though I assume she’s probably needed a lie down when she got back.

Little man with the fluffy Chicken




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  1. Nice Blog ! Kids do love fluffy chicks 🙂 Coincidentally i also blogged about chicks today.
    Good Luck Blogging Mummy !

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