26th June 2013

Wednesday 26th June 2013. Charity Day at work

Today there was a charity day at work. Unfortunately I don’t work on a Wednesday but I decided to go in with Little Man. There were some really good things going on such as Man v Hotdogs, Are you smarter than Josh (a guy at our work who literally knows it all) Lucky Dip, pay to have a buffet and many other things.

So popped in about 11.30 this morning in time to see Man v Hot dogs. This was eating the most hot dogs you can in  5 mins. In total 15 people took part. The winner eat 9 hotdogs which I thought was amazing. The winner is the guy on the far Right of the pic.

Hot Dog eatinghot dog eating

In the hot seat we have Kris on the Left and Josh on the Right. Josh being the very clever one.

Are you smarter than Josh

Are you smarter than Josh

My favourite picture of the day Is Little Man sitting at  Mummy’s desk.  Thinking he is doing some work ha ha.

Little Man at my desk at work

little man at my desk

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