24th October 2012

Wednesday 24th October 2012. YUMMY!!

This morning started off with us gong to toddler group. Little man loves going to play and he gets so excited when I ask him if he wants to play. After toddler group little man was so tired, we didn’t have a very good night last night. For some reason little man would not go to sleep, eventually he fell asleep in my arms at 2330. This morning he still woke up at normal time so he was extra tired. I let him sleep for 2.5 hours this afternoon and then i went to wake him up. If he slept for any longer we would have the same issue again tonight as he wouldn’t be tired.

When little man woke up we had dinner and was playing. I was thinking of something different we could do, so I decided we could make some cupcakes. Although little man is a bit young to help make them he loves eating them. I have made cupcakes a few times, I think I am getting quite good at them now. I always put a little bit of vanilla extract in the cupcakes themselves which makes them taster so good. I have also recently started to make my own icing, the first time I did this I was so proud of my self as I am not the best of cooks.

I think they turned out really well what do you think?


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