2nd October 2017

We finally exchanged

YAY, so as you can see by the title of the post we finally exchanged contracts. We sold our house on the 6th April 2017 and on Thursday 28th September.

After so many hiccups along the way and getting to the point where I actually didn’t see the move happening we are finally here. I am finally packing up our life into cardboard boxes to move it all to what will be our new home.

We are all so excited with a hint of anxiety thrown into the mix. It’s a new place and we have no friends close by, we need to meet our new neighbours and see what everyone is all about. It’s a very unsettling time for all of us not just the children, however we will get there and I am pretty sure we will soon be feeling like it is our home.

The house we are currently in is a 3 bed detached, when I moved in 11 years ago I was single and had so much space. I had 2 spare bed rooms lots of space down stairs, a lovely garden and it just suited me perfectly. I am now moving out with Doug the other half and our 2 children and we are moving as we need more space. Moved in single with loads of room and moving out as a family with currently not enough room.

This is after day 1 of packing and we are currently storing everything in our conservatory.

It will be a very sad when we leave this house, some of the best times of our lives have been in this house. having our 2 children here and bringing them back home from hospital to this house was probably the time of our lives. There have been amazing good time and some not so good times, but now it is time to close this chapter in our book and start writing the next chapter in our life as a family.

I am hoping the next chapter in our lives will be just as good as the last 11 years have been. So if you want to follow our journey you can follow here on the blog or you can head on over to my Youtube channel where I will be Vlogging the move. You can head over to watch a house tour of our current home as well.

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