8th September 2020

We bought a new home

Today I am going to introduce you all to our new home, well kind of anyway.

Doug and I have been speaking about getting a touring caravan for a couple of years. Doug wasn’t too keen on the idea but the kids and I really wanted to give it a go. After loosing my Mum in November of 2019 it made me realise life is too short to keep talking about doing something and not doing it. Life on earth is just a very short amount of time we have and we need to make the most of everything, try lots of different things and make lots of memories.

At the end of July I said to Doug… right I am going to look at some caravans and we will give it a go. Fast forward 2 weeks we have our first caravan and we are booked to go away in August for our first time away.

We decided to go to Derbyshire as it wasn’t too far away from home but it was far enough to be away and in a different place. I spent hours watching Youtube videos, buying items we needed for the caravan and just generally getting to know our new van.

Unfortunately for us we booked to go away the week storm Francies decided to arrive in the Uk and completely batter us with rain and wind for the full 4 days we were away. The rain was relentless and we ended up being inside the caravan for 99% of the time we were away. It hasn’t put us off though and we can’t wait to get away again.

The caravan we bought is a 2011 Sterling Europa 6 berth with fixed bunk beds for the kids. You can follow our caravan adventures over on my Instagram at @familycaravanadventures I May also set up a separate blog or Youtube channel, I will keep you updated on that though.

I am sure come the Spring next year and into the summer we will be getting away a lot. We plan to do a lot of weekend breaks Friday after school until Sunday, It will be nice to just get away to relax, enjoy hopefully some nice weather and chill out as a family. Our lives are all so busy during the week that sometimes family time all together can soon become bottom of the list.

If you have a caravan or know of any lovely sites that are child friendly please do let me know.

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