26th April 2017

We are moving home

We are at the start of our moving journey and I have decided to document it on the blog and on my Youtube channel.

It is a very bitter sweet move, we really don’t want to move BUT we really need extra space. The house we are currently in is a 3 bedroom detached house so although it is a decent size we need more space. Anyone with kids will understand that kids toys just take over the whole place.

This is our lovely home currently…

We are moving out of our 3 bed detached house into a 4 bed detached house and it is generally bigger, with bigger bedroom, extra rooms downstairs and just more much needed space.

We have had an offer accepted on our new house and we have sold our house which is good. We are currently awaiting the top of the chain to be complete and fingers crossed it is almost there. This morning (26th April) I have had a massive pile of paperwork to sign and read through and fill in from our solicitors.

We are all really excited and looking forward to moving.  If you have recently moved and have any tips or tricks for moving with young children please do leave me a comment below.

Over on my Youtube channel I have done a house tour of our current home. I will also be updating my channel with our journey of moving.

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  1. Layney Croft says:

    Good luck with the move… We had an update today… all the searches are back. Just raising enquiries and then we should get a date 😀

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