23rd December 2016

Vileda Windo Matic review

One job that I really hate is cleaning the windows. With the kids being young still, I will clean the windows and 5 minutes later there are finger marks all over them. The job takes the best part of an hour to do the whole house and only 5 minutes for the kids to muck them up again. Vileda have the perfect solution (well not to the kids finger marks) The Vileda windo matic cuts the job by half the time. I am able to clean the windows in the house in speedy time and it feels amazing. Not only do I now have shiny clean windows all the time, I have no smears and no achy arms from cleaning the windows.

So what is the Vileda Windo Matic?

It is a cordless window cleaning vacuum  (and spillage sucker upper)


It is very easy to fit together, you simply fit together the base and the rubber part which cleans the water away. Once it has been charged for 6 hours you are ready to go.

I use any type of window cleaner, I spray it on, rub it in to get rid of any dirt on the windows and then the windownmatic does the rest. You pull it down the windows and in absolutely no time at all you have clean, shiny streak free windows.

The device its self is very light weight and comfy to hold. There is an off/off switch so whilst you are cleaning you are not constantly holding a button down to make the vacuum part work. You turn it on and off as you please.

The neck of the window matic is on a pivot so it moves up and down for ease when cleaning.

Removing the water tank…

The water all collects in the water tank and it is very easy to empty. You push down the red button and the tank comes away, you can then empty and wash out and click back into place.



What do I think of the Windo Matic?

I love it, I think it is amazing and it saves so much time. I really wish I had bought one of these a long time ago because the amount of time it saves me is incredible. The windows look so shiny and when the kids make a mess on the window, it is so quick to get this out and clean them. Not only does the handy little piece of kit clean windows, it also cleans up spillages. When you have kids spillages are  occurrence. Rather than having to soak loads of towels or use loads of kitchen roll, simply get out the window matic and suck it up.

I would honestly 100% recommend this product. Since reviewing it I am sure all my friends think I have gone crazy because I can’t stop telling them how fab it is.

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