3rd April 2017

Vileda SuperMocio XL 3 Review

With a big kitchen floor that is fully tiled it just means I have to mop it 2-3 times a week. It can be particularly difficult to get high traffic areas clean with your standard mop head. Today I am  bringing you the Vileda SuperMocio XL 3 Review.

The mop head has 3 different parts to it… there is the red dots, red non scratch scourer and the blue micro fibre strips. The red 3D dots are for extra hair and particle pick up, the red scourer is for stubborn dirt on the floor which with kids is great and the blue microfibre strips are for removing greasy residue.

The XL mop has 25% more floor contact than the others which can only be a plus side. The unique wringer twists and squeezes the mop with much less effort than before meaning there is less water on the floor and it dries a lot faster than before. After using the mop I usually have to open the door to dry the floors but this made it much easier to dry and I didn’t even have to open the door to get the breeze through.

The bucket holds up to 10 litres of liquid and it has a pouring lip which makes it easy to pour away once finished. You can buy replacement mop heads once the current one has worn out.

The mop comes in 3 parts and it is easily built up. it can then be taken apart again for storage if needs be.

All in all this is a great mop set, it is much better than any of the ones I have used before so I am happy.


We are big fans of Vileda products and we recently reviewed the Vileda Windo Matic which is just AMAZING!!

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