17th August 2013

Vanish Review

As you will know with children you never stay clean very long. You have either food or drink or sick on you but have no time to change. Its all part of having kids. Kids also get their clothes stained all the times with food and paints or many other things. I find the worse stain to get out of clothes is Spaghetti Bolognase. Its an absolute nightmare to get out of clothes especially whites.

Before I have tried many different stain removers and really non of them managed to get some certain stains out of our clothes. I have a pair of shorts that Little man touched me while he has spag bol on his hands. I have not been able to get the stain out. Or that is until I found Vanish.

When I was asked to review Vanish I jumped at the chance. I mean who wouldn’t with kids. I was a little scepticle to start with as I had tried many other stain removers before. I knew I already had 2 perfect pieces of clothing to test the vanish out on.

I have one pair of white shorts and one pair of white trousers both with spaghetti bolognse on them.

Here are the before and after pictures…


shorts 1


shorts 2

Trousers Before

trousers 1


trousers 2

As you can see from the pictures it worked. Not only did it get the stain out, it fully got the stain out. I am so over the moon and keep asking my self why I have not tired Vanish before. I would 100% recommend this product. I am also now going to try vanish power foam for carpets as I am so impressed with the 2 products I used here. The two products I was send are…


So if you are looking for a great product that will get the stains out of your clothes look no further than vanish.


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