26th June 2015

Update on our Journey with Congenital Hypothyroidism

As regular followers of the blog will know, Bubs was born with no thyroid at all. A scan at 7 days old confirmed this to us and the doctors.

I am pleased to say Bubs is doing very well though and is hitting all of his milestones. We are now down to every 10 weeks for blood tests and since December his levels have been perfect. Bubs had a blood test on Wednesday this week and yesterday we were given the results. I am so happy to say once again his levels were perfect and his medicine dose can stay the same. I was actually expecting it to go up a bit this time.

The next time Bubs has a blood test and sees the consultant is the week before he is one. I mean how the hell did he grow up so fast?? It’s weird because¬†it only feels like yesterday that we were with the consultant and he was telling us the news that he thought Bubs had a thyroid problem. Now next time we see him Bubs will almost be one.

All in all I am extremely happy and over the moon Bubs is doing so well.


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