10th February 2016

Turn Your Child Into A Sports Fanatic With This Guide

One thing that every parent wishes for their child is for them to participate in sports. Sports are amazing for kids because they teach them how to socialize, and they also keep them healthy. Like lots of kids, though, your children may not find sports all that interesting to begin with. In reality, they may hate the idea of playing sports and want to stay at home playing computer games. You can’t let them sit at home all day, so you need to put an emphasis on sport. Here are a few tips that will get them interested.

Watch Sport…The best way to make them think about sports is to watch it at home. Kids tend to love playing sport when they have a good first experience, like sitting at home watching it with the rest of the family. Or, they also take to sport when they go to the game for the first time. As soon as they feel a part of the sporting fraternity, they will want to consume sport in every manner possible.

Child-Friendly Sports…Some sports may look very intense and scary from a young child’s perspective. You have to remember that they are only kids, so they may not want to play ice hockey or baseball. Instead, introduce them to a game that is more children friendly. Soccer, for example, is one of the most popular sports for kids in North America. Although it is a contact sport, there is no need for any unnecessary roughness, which appeals to children.


No Pressure…Once you get them to start playing, your role may change. At first, you are the doting parent that just wants them to have fun. Then, suddenly, you turn into the monster parent that wants them to win at all costs. If they are that sort of child, that is an okay attitude to take. But, most kids just want to have fun and enjoy themselves on the pitch. For the most part, they cannot do that if you put too much pressure on their small shoulders.


Reward Them…A reward is a Pavlovian technique that has been around for years. Still, it works well with young kids because everyone loves a treat. Staying with the soccer theme, you could award them Premier Trophies’ soccer awards as a result of their hard work. Or, you could treat them to ice cream and a McDonald’s after every match. There are plenty of ways to reward them, just make sure you do it in some capacity.

Keep It Light…Kids are all about having fun. Even if you can get them interested in sport from an early age, they will soon rebel. The main reason they rebel is because they don’t enjoy the experience anymore. When that happens, it is hard to bring back the magic. The best thing to do is to keep it as fun as possible by keeping it light and breezy.


Follow these rules and your child will have a healthy relationship with sport.

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