5th February 2013

Tuesday 5th February 2013. Walk in centre


Today about 1700 Little man and myself were playing. I was tickling his neck, when I found something that really worried me. I felt a hard lump in his neck, very tiny smaller than a pea. Nevertheless it still shocked and worried me. I called the other half who was at work and asked what he thought we should do. He said that I should take him to the Doctors first thing in the morning. I did however call the Doctors to see if they had an appointments, but like usual they didn’t.  If you call the doctors ten minutes after they open in the morning all of their appointments are gone.

I kept on feeling it. The stupidly I went on the internet and decided to have a look what it said. A lot of sites I found said it was enlarge Lymph gland, nothing to worry about. This didn’t help me though. As you can imagine I was so worried, decided I was going to take him to the walk in centre to get peace of mind. The Internet said, if the lump moves that’s a good thing as it usually a swollen Lymph gland. I thought if I got it checked out it would put my mind at ease.

As soon as the other half got in from work I took little man off to the walk in centre. To my total amazement we were called in within ten minutes. This has never happened, usually the wait is an hour at least. The nurse took his temperature, looked in his eyes, in his mouth and ears. These were fine, so I was pleased about that. She then felt the lump in his neck, I was starting to get really nervous of what she was going to say. She said yeah that’s, yeah that’s an enlarged Lymph gland. I felt so relived. She said its moving around and told me to feel it moving, which I did. I was so relived that my Little man was OK. I’m sure you will all agree, you would be so worried as well.

I can now rest tonight, not having thoughts running crazy through my mind wondering about it.

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  1. Anything like that makes you worry, it’s a natural reaction. I remember taking one of mine to the doctor terrified by the huge lumps in his throat only to be told he just had exceptionally large tonsils! Always better to be safe than sorry!

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