4th June 2013

Tuesday 4th June 2013. Wicksteed Park

On Sunday we decided to go Wicksteed Park. Wicksteed is in Kettering and is a great place for children of all ages.

You can go and hardly have to spend anything. To park your car it is £6 and then you need spend no more. There is a lot of free play equipment such as swings, slides, climbing frames etc. You can however go into the park where you have to pay for the rides. There are roller coasters, train rides, water shoots and many more great rides for children young and old.

We had a fantastic day. We went on the train ride, children’s car ride and Little Man went on the children’s roller coaster. What made the day even better was the glorious weather. We took a picnic and sat out in the sun which is something we have been wanting to be able to do for such a long time. We now finally have the weather this week that we have all been longing for. We had a fantastic day and in total spent £40

Picnic time

picnic time

Little Man and Daddy on the car ride

wicksteed park1

On the train

wicksteed park

Having fun on the roller coaster

wicksteed park 4

Pricing in the park is 

£6 to park your car

Free play equipment if that’s all you wish to go on, If you wish to go on the bigger rides the prices are

Wristband for unlimited rides all day long, Adult £12 and child £16.50

you can also buy single tickets as we did if there are just a few rides you want to go on.

Single tickets £1.00 or a book of 30 for £24 which works out at 84p a ticket

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