2nd October 2012

Tuesday 2nd October 2012. Carpet has been cleaned

Well I said last week we were getting our carpets cleaned. We had the whole house done which was a total nightmare as we had to move everything.  Our kitchen and conservatory was jammed full of all of our furniture and we couldn’t hardly get in there. Our cats thought something was going on as they could not settle.

So Alex from Crystal Clear turned up Monday 1st October at 11.15. He was a lovely guy and explained what he was going to do and in what order he would do the rooms. He started off in our living room. He filled up his machine with water and it basically looked like a hoover but one of the ones you pull around not a stand up on. I could instantly see the difference once he started doing it. The were a couple of reasons we decided to have our carpet cleaned. One…we had a massive red wine stain in the middle of the floor and 2. Archie had been sick on the floor on numerous occasions. We decided to have the whole house done while we were at it.

So we had the living room, stairs, landing, and 3 bedrooms done and it took 2 hours from start to finish and with me keeping Alex talking for a bit. He told me he could not guarantee the red wine stain would come out but to my amazement it did. The carpet was smelling so fresh.

I was so pleased with how good the carpet looked better thanIi thought it would do. Also the carpet was not that wet. I could feel it was wet but I thought it would wetter than it was.  Luckily my Dad looked after Archie while Alex was here, so after he had finished I went to pick him up. I was out the house about 3 hours and when I came back the carpet was really dry. Overall I would say me and my partner are extremely happy with how well the carpets have come up. The price for the whole house was £50 which I think is really good value.  10 out of 10!
If you are in the area and are thinking of having your carpets cleaned it is worth giving Alex a call you can click on the picture above I have put in link in for you so you can go straight to his website.

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