22nd January 2013

Tuesday 22nd January 2013. Fun in the snow.

Today we have been playing out in the snow, just little man and myself. Unfortunately the other half had to go to work, he was able to get in so had to go. Would of been lovely if we could of all gone out in the snow. Little man and my self had a great time though.

We got the sleigh out but as little man is only 20 months old, when I pulled it he lost his balance and fell back. So after thinking what to do, I came up with a great idea. I put some string around our washing basket and put him in that. He was nice and safe and now could not fall off.  snow2

To start with he was a little bit worried about the snow and wouldn’t touch it at all. After going around in the sleigh for a while he was soon laughing his head off. He absolutely loved it. After being out for an hour I thought it was best that we went in. Little man is still only little and I didn’t want him getting to cold, even though he had a really warm snow suit on. We got to the front door, only for little man to have a massive tantrum because he didn’t want to come back inside. He wanted to stay outside and play in the snow. We had great fun especially with the washing basket sleigh.

Here are a couple of pictures of our time in the snow.

On the Sleigh

snow 3

In the washing basket


Not to sire what to make of it all.


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  1. Lucy Kate says:

    What a brilliant idea, I never thought of doing this. He does look like he enjoyed being in there too

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