18th December 2012

Tuesday 18th December 2012, Where has the year gone???



I can not believe that a week today, we will be opening presents and eating massive roast Turkey dinners. Where has this year gone? I am assuming a lot of people will now be on the wind down to Christmas now.

I am looking forward to Christmas day so much this year. Our little man is now just over 19 months old, so he knows a lot more about what is going on. I’ve wrapped his presents so he is able to get his fingers into the paper and rip it open. I have wrapped every single present now. My shopping is 100% done, Turkey is ordered. The only thing left to get is the veg for our dinner. This year I have tried to be a lot more organised than other years. I think next year I will be even more organised and have my shopping done by November.
My partner and I decided to treat our self to a little break to Edinburgh for 2 nights in January. Going first class on the train. Little man is going to have a little holiday of his own at Grandma and Granada’s house. He loves being with my Mum and Dad as he gets spoilt.

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