17th October 2012

Wednesday 17th october 2012. Hand prints.

Today we decided to try a new toddler group close to where we live. I am not really keen on going to new toddler groups as most of the ones I have tried before are so clicky. I went to one group a few months ago, We ended up going 5 times and in that time no one made any effort at all to speak to me. On the 4th time we went the lady who runs it came up to me and said “hi is this your first time here” well I was so shocked, I had seen her there every time we  had been before and she had only just noticed me. It was not even a big group there were 8 mums and children there max.

So today we decided to try to new one in Parnwell at Kingsgate Community Church. I was really nervous about going, I had to keep telling my self that I was going for little monkey to play and it was all about him. We got ready to go and i got to the Church, which looks like a massive office block, nothing like you would think it should look like at all. It was more like a massive conference centre.  Anyway I found the room where we needed to go and I walked in. Straight away Little man and myself was greeted by a lovely lady. She introduced herself and straight away told me where I could get a drink. She seemed so lovely and I started to relax a little bit. Lisa advised us what activities there were to do. I took little mans coat off and he ran off and started playing.  Straight away other mums came and spoke to me and just made an effort to get to know us. I instantly got a lovely vibe from this play group and knew we would be going back here for as long as we can. After about 15 minutes Lisa came up to me and asked if I wanted a drink, she got me a hot chocolate. When she brought it back for me she stood talking to me for a while, I thought this was so good as she was making the effort with me and making me feel welcome.

Little man was off playing , I eventually got him to come to the table to have his hands painted and make some hand prints. These were then going to get laminated. Little man really enjoyed doing this.

After an hour snacks for the kids were served. Slices of cucumber, kiwi, apple, and banana, along with a drink for every child. I thought this was great. The best toddler group I have ever been to. After snacks we all sat round in a circle and sang a few songs.

The group is from 10 till 1130 and is free the first time you go, then after it is £1.50. I highly recommend this group if you live in the Peterborough area.

If you decide to try it, DO NOT look for a church as it is called community Church. It looks like the picture below.

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  1. we have a church opposite my works and it looks similar to your picture above – always tickles me that.

    I’m glad you found a nice play group and for £1.50 that’s such a bargin. I was only thinking the other day it tends to be the churches that offer the friendlier activities.

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