14th May 2013

Tuesday 14th May 2013. Our Trip to Woburn Safari

I recently wrote a review for Vistaprint for a Photobook that we designed and received free of charge. As part of the reviewing process we were give a £50 voucher to go somewhere of our choice. We chose Woburn Safari.

The other half and I were really looking forward to taking Little man, as we thought he was at an age where he would understand. He knows a lot of animals when he sees them so it was really exciting.

We got up quite early to go and the day didn’t start the best. It was the day Little Man had his first few chicken pox. We decided to still go as he was feeling and acting fine. I made us a pack up, sandwiches, crisps, yogurt, dunkers etc and a flask of tea and we were ready to go.
I was hoping Little Man wouldn’t go to sleep in the car as I didn’t want him to be moody when he woke up.

Little Man standing in the front


We arrived at about 1100 and it was really busy and we had to queue quite a while to get in. I noticed that all the children were sitting in the front on their parents knees. We got Little man and he sat on my knee. He started to get really excited and kept shouting that he could see a cat, even though he couldn’t ha ha. Some animals we did see though were:













We saw loads of other smaller animals when we were out of the car too. Such as snakes, reptiles and birds.

We had a great day and Little man loved it. He loved seeing all the animals and he screamed when he saw the big lions. I had to keep telling him they are not the cats that he can cuddle like the cats we have at home.

We would like to thanks Vistaprint for this great opportunity and great day out that we have had.

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  1. Coombemill says:

    I’ve not been to Woburn for years but would love to take the kids. Looks like they still have all the impressive beasts there. Do link up with me on Country Kids, all about outdoor fun for kids. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day there.

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