1st February 2021

Toy Review: Totem Infernal Power

Totem Infernal Power is a brand new game from Character Toys. It is one of those games that looks so simple to master, however it couldn’t be further from that. When this arrived Doug asked me what it was and I told him I would show him what to do. After having quite a few tries he started to laugh at me, it really is a skill you need to master by practising.

The game is kind of like a big spinning top, you need to stack each one on top of each other until they are all spinning stacked up high.

There are 5 spinners and the grey one is what you attach to your spinning tops to make them spin. I have found that you need to spin the bottom one really fast and then as you work your way up, you need to spin them less, otherwise they just shoot off to the side. If you check out my Instagram you can see a video of me trying to get to 5.

The bottom spinner takes 2 AAA batteries and as you stacker the spinners they connect and light up.

Do you think you could stack them all? are you even fast enough to stack them before one stops spinning? Non of us yet have managed to stack all 5, if you have this game id love to hear how many you can stack. You can play to see who can stack the most, who can stack the fastest.

My thoughts on this toy is that its really fun, with an RRP of £9.99 it is very in expensive. It keeps your attention for a long time because you just want to make the full stack, I kept saying one more go and I will do it. The one more go to get the 5 stacked is still to come.

The game can be bought from Argos or Smyths.

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