5th May 2016

The Top Ways To Lose your Baby fat

During pregnancy, we often end up eating more than we should. We tend to pick at food that we want, and cravings can make our calorie intake go through the roof. And after we give birth, it can be a stressful time trying to adjust to having a little person to look after so we eat when we can. But then we realize we should try and get rid of the weight we have put on since the pregnancy. Here are some top ways to lose the fat once the baby has arrived.

Eat healthy…
If you want to lose the fat post-baby, you should be cutting back on the calories and eating more healthy. It’s so easy to order a takeaway when you have a baby to worry about. But it will ultimately mean you will put on more weight. Try and write a list of what you are planning to cook the next few days. Research online and read recipes for some healthy ideas which you can have. Also, try and avoid snacking unless it’s fruit or a low-calorie snack. Get your partner to cook some healthy meals too while you look after the baby.

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New moms often choose to breastfeed their baby as it’s the natural way of feeding your child. But it also is a good way to get rid of calories. As this feature reveals, breastfeeding can burn 600-800 calories a day. A lot of women lose their post-baby belly fat through doing this. Just remember to try and do some exercise too!

Doing yoga is a great way to tone up your body after having a baby. The stretches can help you to lose the pounds and yoga, is an excellent way to relax while dealing with the stress of a newborn. You can find a class you could attend with a friend. They also do ones for moms and baby so you both can bond, and it means you don’t have to worry about who’s looking after them.

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Exercise ball…
If you want to lose weight after giving birth, you should look into getting an exercise ball. It’s perfect for giving your belly a workout, and you can do crunches to tone up your stomach. It’s something you can buy for your home which won’t take up too much room, and it’s a fun piece of equipment.

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After having a baby, it can be very difficult to lose weight and to tone up that belly. A lot of women want their previous body back as their breasts can also change after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Therefore, a lot of women are going for surgery to try and get their body back to how it was. You can read about makeovers here to see if could be right for you.

Being stuck in with the baby is not good for you or your health. Therefore, a great way to lose that unwanted belly fat is going for a walk every day with your little one. As this article explains, start with a slow walk around the block every day and then let it become quicker paced. You will soon be losing the belly fat if you do this form of exercise every day.

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Remember that you carried your little one for nine months so you should be proud of what your body achieved.

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