1st May 2014

Top 5 Dangerous Jobs in the World

Top 5 Dangerous Jobs in the World

Next time you’re sitting at your office desk staring at the bare wall in front of you and thinking, there’s gotta’ be something better than this, spare a thought for those people who risk their life every single day to complete the job they do. And just to make matters worse, the most dangerous jobs in the world are frequently the lowest paid.

So if you’re looking for an adrenalin filled job that puts you at risk every day, you may want to consider one of the following occupations:

High Rise Cleaning:

High rise window cleanersHave you ever seen those guys suspended by nothing but a few lines of rope attached to a work platform that looks no wider than a tooth pick? Even the highest of high-rise buildings need to be cleaned, so these are the guys you call on. Sydney provides the staff that clean a number of the high-rise buildings in and around Brisbane.

Although it’s possibly more dangerous driving in your car looking up at the high-rise cleaning going on than it is to be the high-rise cleaner, it’s still a job that would rate among the most dangerous.


The logging industry is renowned for the number of deaths that occur each year. In deeply wooded areas of the USA and Canada, the height and width of the trees make a dangerous industry even more dangerous. Huge trees, sharp saws and long hours make for an extremely dangerous occupation.Often the extreme weather conditions in which the lumberjacks work adds to the danger factor.

Deep Sea Fishermen:

Deep sea fisherman
If you’ve ever seen one of the numerous TV shows about the dangers of working the Atlantic Sea or Bering Sea then you’ll know:

1) why they make those shows in the first place, and
2) how dangerous it can be, even for the deep-sea fishermen who fish off the coasts of Australia.

According to Forbes, the Alaskan crab fishermen have one of the highest rate of deaths per 1000 individuals. Not only do they frequently encounter enormous seas whipped up by the raging winds in the northern seas, the decks are often covered with slippery ice, they work long shifts and the equipment is cumbersome and heavy.


Mining is renowned as one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Not only do most miners work deep underground where they risk life threatening conditions like black lung, emphysema, bronchitis and other lung infections, every shift they work could result in a cave-in or mine collapse.

Like many dangerous jobs, miners don’t earn the money you would expect for confronting such treacherous situations, so they often have to work long hours just to make ends meet.

Long Haul turck Drivers:

Truck Drivers
It’s a no-brainer that long haul truck driving would be regarded as a high risk occupation. After all, they’re on the roads morning, noon and night where more people are killed than most anywhere else. Not only that, they have to share the roads with drivers who have no respect or regard for the extra burden of driving something so large.

In addition, long haul drivers work to very tight schedules that often mean pushing the boundaries of the driver and the truck to the absolute limit.

Still complaining about that terribly boring desk-job? Sit up in your spiffy leather office chair and be grateful for the safety and security you have around you. Although, have you ever read the statistics for injuries caused to office workers who spill hot coffee in their lap.

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