4th October 2016

We took the Wicked Uncle challenge

A couple of weeks ago we were challenged to take the Wicked Uncle Challenge and it was really easy. All we needed was…

We received a voucher code which had to be passed on to my uncle and he then chose some toys for my kids. The idea of the challenge is to see how easy it is to find gifts and presents from the Wicked uncle website. My uncle then reported back to me about the experience. Easy hey!

My uncle has never had any children and he doesn’t really have any other children in the family apart from my boys. Usually at Christmas and Birthdays I buy the presents for the boys and he tells me how to spend and gives me the money. I then give him the toys to wrap, so this challenge was perfect for him.

I gave him  the voucher code and told him to spend it on the boys. I couldn’t wait to see what he came back with and what he thought about buy the toys off the website himself.

What he bought…

What he though of the experience….

So because he has no children my uncle isn’t really up to speed on what kids like at what age. He really liked the fact that you can search boy or girl and that you can search by age. Sometimes when you are faced with pages and pages of toys and you have no idea if a child of a certain age will like a certain toy it can be really hard. So the age search made it a lot easier  for him.  He said that the website was easy to use and the whole order process was very easy. I’ve told him that he can now use the website himself for Christmas present shopping and birthdays he he!!

What did my kids think?

The kids think the presents are fab, especially the wall climbing car which both kids love. Bubs loves his animal puzzle which is perfect for his age and what he is currently into. Both kids love the stomp rocket although Bubs finds it easier to bump his bum down on the foot pump to make the rocket blast off. (it goes really high) The kids are so happy with their new toys so thank you to Wicked Uncle and My uncle for taking the challenge.


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