19th September 2016

Tommee Tippee Digital Monitor review

For the last couple of months we have managed without a monitor because our old one was dropped downstairs and broke. It had been bothering me for a little while that we did not have a monitor in Bubs room so this review came as great timing.

We were sent the Tommee Tippee Digital monitor to test out and review here on the blog. It saves me having to get up and check on Bubs now, as I know that I will 100% hear him again through the monitor.

Top features of the monitor…

On unpacking the monitor it really is so simple and self explanatory to set up. You will need to charge the parent unit before first use. We left it to charge overnight and then it was ready for the next night.The unit that stays with the child also charges from the mains.

The parent unit has built in speakers and a light alert as well, so if you have the volume right down you can still see if your baby is crying or unsettled with the lights that flash. The parent unit sits on a base so it can simply and easily be picked up and taken around with you and then placed back on the charging base when needs be.




The talkback function is something that Bubs is quite scared of. I think it freaks him out to be able to hear my voice but not see me. When we had our old monitor with Little Man he loved it though so I guess it depends on your child.

Another fab feature is the huge 300m range. It is great if you want to be out in the garden whilst your little one sleeps, I know at the moment I do with the lovely weather we have been having. I can sit and relax in the sun knowing that I can easily hear Bubs if he wakes up. I also love the fact there is an out of range indicator so I can be totally sure that I am not too far away and wont hear him.

The digital temperature displays on both the parent device and the device thats with the child. Over the last few days our has been says ‘HI’ quite a lot as it has been so hot. It is really handy that you can see the temperature from the parent unit as this stops you having to go into the baby’s room to check on their unit. No one wants to be going into a sleeping baby’s bedroom in fear of disturbing them. As quiet as you try to be there is always a sodding floor board that creeks.




The nightlight is a great feature which can be controlled from the parent unit. You can have the light higher when you first put your baby to sleep, once your little one is asleep you can turn the light down from your parent unit.

I am so impressed with the quality of this device. It is modern,sleek and looks great. Some monitors I have seen don’t look very nice and when it is something that it going be constantly on show I think it needs to look nice. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a digital monitor which is mid range price. I love all of the features and feel this monitor offers so much for a great price of £69.99

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