28th May 2016

Tips For Planning A Child-Friendly Wedding

When we think of weddings, we tend to think of glitz, glamour, and lots of pretty things.  A lot of weddings aren’t child-friendly. This is because traditionally, people would get married before having kids, but today that’s often not the case. A lot of couples choose to wait to get married, or meet when they’ve both already got kids of their own. I know that as a parent, if I were to get married now, I would 100 percent want my kids there.

If you’ve just got engaged and have a young family, the chances are that you want to include yours and your partner’s children in the celebration. The good news is that planning a child-friendly wedding is much easier and less stressful than you would think. It’s just a case of making sure that every aspect of your wedding is child-friendly. It’s not just about keeping the little ones happy and entertained, but also ensuring that you don’t have to stress about what they’re are up to. To plan a wedding that’s child-friendly, here’s what you need to do:

Make guests aware it’s a child-friendly wedding
When sending out your wedding invitations, it’s important to make guests aware that it’s a child-friendly event. For example, if you’ve brought your invites from Paper Themes, don’t just address it to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, address the invite to the whole family. That way, your friends and relatives will know that their kids are welcome to attend.

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Give your little one’s responsibilities
To make your little ones feel included in your special day, give them some light responsibilities. This is a great way to make them feel respected and appreciated, as well as to keep them occupied. Great jobs for little ones include being the ring bearer, the flower girl, or page boy. You’ll find that by giving your little ones a task to do that they’ll be more likely to behave as they’ll have something to focus on.

Ask a family friend or relative to watch your kids
Obviously, you want your kids to share your big day with you, but what you don’t want is to be constantly bothered by them. You’ll have enough on your mind, so it’s best to get a family friend or relative to take charge of your kids for the day. This means that you won’t have to worry about what your little ones are up to, you can enjoy your day.

Have an area at the church for the kids
If you’re worried about kids making a noise during the ceremony, have an area at the back of the church or registry for them. This can be a separate room packed with toys, books, and games, or it could just be a small area near the back. Having an area like this means that young children won’t have to be kept quiet during the ceremony. Instead, they can play happily with their friends.

Ensure the food is child-friendly
Most children won’t be too keen on eating salmon en croute and steamed vegetables, so it might be best to organise food for the kids. Whether it’s burgers in buns and chips, lasagne, or finger food, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you make sure there’s something to eat that any children in attendance will like. For child-friendly desserts, a DIY ice cream parlour and a retro sweet table are both good options.

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Have a kid’s table
The chances are, all the kids will want to sit together. So it makes sense to have one big children’s table. That way all the little ones can sit together, and this will also make it easier when it comes to the food being brought out.

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Hire entertainment that the little ones will love
As well as having music and other adult entertainment, it’s a good idea to have stuff to keep the kids entertained. As well as having plenty of toys, games, and colouring on hand, you could also hire a children’s entertainer. That way, you won’t have to stress about what the kids are up to, you can enjoy your day, knowing they’re in safe hands.

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Create a comfy corner
Kids and late nights really don’t mix. To prevent any tantrums caused by overtired tots, have a comfy corner at your reception. This can be filled with floor cushions, bean bags, blankets, and pillows. It can be used for naps and later on, for putting little ones to bed. You could even tell parents who are bringing their kids that it’s fine to pack PJs for later on in the night.

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There you have it, all the best tips and tricks for planning a child-friendly wedding.


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9 responses to “Tips For Planning A Child-Friendly Wedding”

  1. Zoe Forde says:

    Really gorgeous ideas! I think this is so important for any wedding planning. The last thing anyone wants are tears and tantrums xx

  2. Brill tips! My mam got married in Vegas and had an after party on her return a couple years back. She had a kid friendly party, completely agree with the entertainment. It was invaluable on the night!

  3. Great tips we had kids at our wedding and made sure there was food suitable for them.

  4. I had special favours for the kids that attended my wedding. It was really lovely and I think kids make it so much more fun.

  5. Ah these are great tips. We went to a really fab wedding at a castle where they hired rooms upstairs and childminders who basically just had a big party with the kids, and could even put them to bed if you wanted them too. We had Eva with us and she was 3 I think, she had a ball up there for an hour or so but other kids stayed longer. I think you’re right, more people wait longer before getting married and I always think its a shame when invites say no kids xx

  6. Muslim Mummy says:

    Some great tips! Hearing of more weddings that exclude kids but it can be so easy to involve them too and let them join in with the celebrations

  7. I respect that some people do not want children at their weddings but I think they add to the day myself.
    Love the tip about the cushion in a quiet corner as some children will wander off as things get overwhelming. The children’s table is a great idea, gives them time to not be watched over and moaned at for the manners for some of the day.
    DD2 had a retro sweet cart at her wedding last year where I have to say all the children were impecably behaved and a credit to their parents.

  8. sabrina says:

    It’s so interesting, in Asian weddings it’s assumed there will be children there – it’s would be well boring without them! They are always running around and making a racket, but that’s just the way it is haha! xx

  9. Viki Marden says:

    Great tips there, when my other half and I finally get married jt will hopefully be child friendly x

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