7th February 2013

Thursday 7th February 2013. Happy boy



Today my little man has been at nursery. I have been at work all day and whilst at work I count down the hour,s till I finish and I can go pick him up. I really miss little man when I am at work, but I know he loves nursery and has a lot of fun time.

Today when I picked him up he was so happy, full of smiles and cuddles, and chatting loads. The ladies said he had been very chatty and very happy today. Laughing at nothing.

I love it when I pick him up and he is like that. It makes e smile so much knowing he is happy and having a great time at nursery. He is totally settled now. Just a shame we can’t afford for him to go two days a week. Even though he only attends one day a week, I have noticed a really big change in him since he started in May 2012.  Not look forward to April though as he has to start attending his new room that he moves to when he is 2. Jut worried it will unsettle him again.Time will tell.

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