2nd May 2013

Thursday 2nd May 2013. Chicken Pox update…

So as you may know Little man has caught chicken pox. When he first got it I was hoping he would get it bad enough so he was nice and immune to it and didn’t catch it again.

Well he certainly caught it bad. He is covered in spots and has them in his ears and a couple in his mouth. A couple of nights ago I got about 2 hours sleep and Little man got about 5 hours in total. He woke up itching and itching and itching. It was so sad as I couldn’t do anything for him. I gave him Piriton and put calamine lotion on him but neither of these seemed to help. As soon as the morning came I went to the pharmacy to ask if there was anything else I could give him. The lady recommended a cream called Virasoothe. She said it is expensive and shes wasn’t wrong but I didn’t care I wanted my little boy to stop itching and stop being so upset. It was braking my heart seeing him sobbing on me and the worst thing was I couldn’t do anything.

We are at the stage now where they are scabbing over and we have managed to get some more sleep which is good. He is still covered in spots but we seem like we are finally getting the worst out of the way now.

Little Man today

Chicken Pox1

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  1. Dawn Frazier says:

    Watching them go through Chickenpox is just awful at that age. I have twin girls who, at 11 months, caught Chickenpox from their big brother, who was 3 at the time. Even though it wasn’t pleasant for them at the time, I’m glad they all had it young. The trouble was they gave it to me, so I had adult Chickenpox at the age of 35! That certainly wasn’t an experience I want to repeat! At least if they get it while they are young, they won’t suffer as I did. I hope your son is feeling better soon.

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