22nd August 2013

Thursday 22nd August 2013. Hot Air Balloon flight.

The other half bought me a hot air balloon flight for my birthday 2 years ago. We have been booking it and each time it had been cancelled due to weather either rain or wind etc. Eventually our time came, Monday 19th August 0500 and my alarm went off. We had called the flight line the night before which said our flight was going ahead. I was so excited but also nervous at the same time.



We arrived at our launch site at 0600 in the morning and I was getting more and more nervous. We all had to help get the balloon out of the bag and basically get it inflated and ready to go. It was all part of the fun and all 16 of us helped out in one way or another. We had a safety brief on what to do in certain situations, and the landing and take off position.

The balloon was tied down to a massive jeep, we were all sat in the basket and then all of a sudden I saw the ropes come lose from the Jeep and we were away. We started off by going up really fast at first which we had to due to the fact there were trees we had to clear. We flew quite low over some houses and many of our friends knew we were going and saw us.




We were told that we would be going to a height of 3,000 feet. As we flew over the houses the pilot said he would stay low to start with. in all honesty this was high enough for me and he said we were only at 800 feet. I thought oh god we are are going to 3,000. The balloon actually glided up so gently that I didn’t realise we were getting higher and higher.

It was absolutely amazing, the views were out of this world and we could see for at least 20 miles.

We were flying for 1 hour and ended up around 25 miles from our launch site. Whilst we were in the air our pilot was in constant contact with the driver of the mini bus on the ground who was following to pick us all up.





We ended up landing in a muddy field. We all then had to help put the balloon away which again was good as it was all part of the experience. All in all the morning was fantastic. Its something that you don’t get a chance to do every day and it was amazing. When we arrived back they cracked open the champagne. so yes we were all drinking champagne at 1000 in the morning.





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