28th April 2016

Things You Must Do For Happy Kids!

Some kids are naturally happier than others. Some are more introverted, and prefer to keep themselves to themselves. However, just because they are quieter, doesn’t mean they are unhappy. Happy kids come in all shapes and sizes and have all kinds of personality traits. The things you do can have a lot to do with how happy your kids are in general. These things are steps you must take if you want happy kids:

Let Them Try New Things
Having happy kids is all about letting them try new things. They like to learn and explore. Letting them try new things will help them to learn all about themselves while they are younger, giving them a strong sense of identity. They’ll get a good idea of what they like and what they don’t like, which is a really good thing. Don’t try to force them to master one thing at a time, as it isn’t usually in their nature. Let them go with the flow and have fun, say the guys at Mission Australia.  

Watch What You Say Around Them
The things you say while your child is little can have a huge impact on them as they grow. Things can stick in their subconscious, and leave them with an unhealthy body image or view of the world. They might grow up to believe that they are naturally inclined to be bigger than other kids, or that they are no good at something. The words you use have power, so use them wisely.

Don’t Try Too Hard
Trying too hard to make your kids happy could have the opposite effect. Don’t focus on their short term happiness by showering them with gifts and things. Instead, focus on their long term happiness.

Focus On Your Relationship With Your Other Half
When your kids see that you have a strong relationship with your spouse, they will feel more secure. Kids who have happy parents are generally happier as a result.


Praise Them The Right Way
Learn how to praise your kids the right way. It’s so easy to get this wrong, and it isn’t by saying anything negative, either. By saying your kids are talented at something, you can put a label on them. They may then grow up unwilling to try new things, or thinking that things should come easily to them. Make sure you always praise their efforts, and this will show them that effort gets results.

Don’t Focus On Appearances
Focusing on appearances is all too easy, especially when all parents believe their kids are the best looking in the world. You don’t want to teach your kids that appearances are the be all and end all. Don’t comment on their weight, or what they eat. The best thing you can do is set an example for them, let them have treats in moderation, and talk to them about health, rather than weight.

Give Them Responsibilities
Kids who have responsibilities feel wanted and needed, which is really good for them. Start off small and build them up as they grow. It might be something as simple as filling the water bowl up for your cat.

Listen To Them
Kids will know if you’re not really listening to them. Listening to them will help you to forge a stronger bond, so make sure you take in what they are saying and avoid answering on autopilot.

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