10th May 2016

The View From The Shard

Last year for Christmas I bought my Mum and Dad tickets to go to The View From The Shard. They had a wonderful day and ever since I have wanted to visit.

This week was Doug’s birthday and we were lucky enough to be able to visit The Shard, excited was an understatement.


We travelled to London early and we were due to visit The Shard at 1400. We actually arrived early and were able to go straight up. Upon arrival you will walk into the ticket office, you can either go and collect your tickets or walk straight through to security if you have printed them off at home.

After showing your tickets you will be taken to what I can only describe as being in an airport. You have to put your bags, belts and shoes through an x-ray machine, which is fantastic security and I think these days very much needed. You will then walk through a scanner to make sure you have nothing on your person. To be fair I didn’t think about the security before going up The Shard, however it does make you feel very secure going through all the security checks. When we visited on Monday 25th April at 1400 there were no queues at all.


There is then a photo opportunity, you pose in front of a green screen and then at the end you hand your photo card in to have a look at your pictures.

We then stepped into the first lift which takes you up the first part of The Shard. When you are at level 33 you will need to transfer to another lift that will take you up to level 68. For anyone who hates lifts it really isn’t that bad. I hate lifts and never ever go in them unless I have no choice (I walk up the stairs at Covent Garden underground station) I have to say I was nervous but there was no need at all. The lifts are so smooth and quiet, they do go very fast in fact they travel at 6 metres per second. As you get in each lift there are staff members directing you where to go and they are all so friendly and enthusiastic. (check out my video and watch for the REALLY enthusiastic guy!)

When going up in the lifts you can’t see out, so you go from being on the ground floor, walking to the second lift with no windows and then getting out at level 68. This is the first time you get to see outside from setting off back on ground level. WOW the view was amazing I was so overwhelmed at what I saw. We were at the highest Vantage point of any building in the EU. On a very good day you are able to enjoy the 360 degree views up to 40 miles.



You are able to use any, or as we did all of the 12 free to use telescopes located around The Shard. They  provide information on 200 landmarks in 10 different languages. You are able to look around and zoom in, when you see a landmark/building you can click on the screen and read all about it.


Level 69 is inside, however you can go up to level 72 which is outside. We went up and it was very weird to be so high but outside. At level 72 you are able to look up and see right to the top of The Shard. You can also upload your pictures whilst still up The Shard using the free wifi connection. (picture below is looking up to the outside from level 72)



Outside you are able to purchase hot drinks and some cakes, which was great as the day we were there it was cold. If you fancy something slightly more glamorous though, why not try the champagne experience. This can be purchased on level 69 inside The Shard from noon until closing.

Whilst inside The Shard we also visited on level 68 the highest shop in London. You can purchase souvenir’s of your day up The Shard.

All in all we had an absolutely fantastic day. There is no where else to see such Amazing views so high around London. This is a great day out for couple, families and families with small children. I know our kids would love this so we may be taking another trip back soon with the kids in tow.

So just to leave you with the top 10 facts on The Shard…

  1. 309.6 metres tall
  2. The shard has the equivalent floor space of 31.4 acres
  3. Has 87 levels
  4. Architect Renzo Piano designed The Shard to be a vertical city
  5. Has 11,000 glass panels, this is enough to cover 8 football pitches
  6. volume of concrete used is 54,000m3 enough to fill 22 Olympic swimming pools
  7. The total piles supporting The Shard would stretch 13.7km if laid end to end
  8. Has 306 flights of stairs and with 44 lifts
  9. Contains the highest private residents in Europe with a swimming pool on level 52
  10. View from The Shard occupies the highest habitable floors in The Shard level 69 and 72.


  1. Nearest tube is London Bridge
  2. View from The Shard is located on Joiner Street
  3. If catching the bus to The Shard you can arrive at it from bus numbers 43, 48, 142, 149 and 521.
  4. Open from 10am daily (check the website for closing times)

Whats on…

KIDS GO FREE: This half term starting 28th May through to 5th June 2016 Kids go free. With each full priced adult ticket, 2 children go free!

SUMMER GARDEN: From 9th June to the 4th September the Shard will be transformed into London’s tallest botanical oasis. Featuring thousands of fantastic blooms this is all in celebration of year of the English garden. This is included in any standard priced ticket.

SILENT DISCO: MAY 7, 21, 28 JUNE 11, 18, 25 JULY 9, 23, 30 There will be 2 DJ’s setting up on level 69. Music included will be RnB, Hp Hop, Dance, Pop and Dub Step.

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  1. Mother Under Measure says:

    That looks like a lovely day out! I’d love to go there x

  2. wow i’ve always wanted to go up the shard, wouldn’t mind that champagne experience 😉 definitely on the books for a day out with the other half 🙂 x

  3. This looks amazing and a fab day out I’d love to do this myself

  4. I’ve always wanted to go on the Shard, it looks amazing from the outside and the views in your photos – wow! But I can’t imagine working in that shop so high up all day, hehe! Xx

  5. Kelly Donald-Pattullo says:

    I have always wanted to go on the Shard, your photo’s look amazing and I wouldn’t mind that champagne experience – maybe after baby No2 arrives haha

  6. Janine says:

    What a view. I’ve actually never heard of the shard. Looks like you enjoyed yourselves.

  7. I haven’t visited the shard yet, but its on my places to visit in London.

  8. Wow! I think I need to put this on my list for next year. No way my husband would come up there with me but sure I can rope someone in! Views are amazing! xx

  9. Looks lovely there. We are going in June so very excited 🙂

  10. Kizzy Bass says:

    Oh I’d love to do this, looks like a great experience

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