17th October 2012

The ups and downs on my pregnancy and the birth.

Well I thought I would share with you my experience of being pregnant and the  birth of my little monkey.

I found out I was pregnant on the 31st August 2010. I can say that I instantly felt scared of being pregnant and especially the birth. The other half and I were so overjoyed that the feeling of being scared so went. Quite quickly I became very excited and wanted to go out buying things for the new baby. I was brought back down to earth though by hubby telling me to wait till after our 12 week scan, then we could start to buy things.

When we had our first scan baby was moving about a lot. To see the baby moving on the screen was the most amazing moment, I could not believe what I was seeing on the screen was actually what was going on inside me. We came away so happy and I couldn’t stop looking at the scan pictures.

The first thing we bought was a massive teddy bear from Toys R Us. The bear was about 5 times the size of a baby but we knew our little monkey would grow into him. All was going great with the pregnancy, apart from being a bit tired and going off a lot of foods.

When I got to around 20 weeks I started to get really big very quickly, I was told that I could have Gestational Diabetes. I went for the test at the hospital , I was so nervous and worried and could not wait for the results. The very next day I got a call to say that the tests came back negative and I was in the clear. So Diabetes was not the cause for me getting so big quickly. I had weekly check ups with my midwife now though so she could keep her eye on me and baby. She measured me at 26 weeks and said I was the size of a full term mum. I was sent for another scan at 28 weeks and I was told that I had excessive fluid which is the reason for me being so big. This is called Polyhydramnios. (You can read more about it here …. http://www.babycenter.com/0_excessive-amniotic-fluid-polyhydramnios_1200199.bc) I was told from now on I would have to go back for a scan every week until My due date, I was also referred to a specialist to keep an eye on me. There are some risks that come with polyhydramnios these are, going into labour early and cord prolapse. The body thinks it is full term as it is so big and this is why there is a risk of premature labour, and the cord prolapse means that the cord could come before baby due to all of the fluid, this would then almost be fatel to the baby. I was told if this was to happen I would be rushed to surgery straight away as this is so dangerous to baby.

As the weeks followed i carried on getting bigger and bigger and I was so uncomfy and couldn’t do anything for my self. At 32 weeks I was told that I could be induced at 37 weeks. I was so happy about this as I really could not go on any longer.


The big day came 6th May 2011. I was so nervous about getting induced I felt sick. We went off to the hospital and I was given my own room straight away, which I was shocked about. The lady came in checked all my notes, then about an hour later she put the pill in and said it’s now a waiting game. She told me to go for a walk and see what happens. I was however told not to get my hopes up as it was my first child and it may take 2 or 3 goes. So me and the hubby decided to go for a walk to get some food from the cafe. We were gone about an hour and take a slow walk back. We had been back in the room about 20 minutes and I started to feel tightenings. The midwife came to examine me, to my amazement she said I was 3cm dilated. I was so shocked as I didn’t expect anything to happen at all. Now when it comes to pain I’m not the best, i asked if I could have any pain relief. I was given diamorphine, this was great as it made me feel totally out of it. I felt like I had drank about 20 vodka shots. Anyway about 20 minutes after the diamorphine I was starting to drift off to sleep when suddenly I heard a pop. Yep you guess it, it was my waters going. As I said earlier I had excessive water, so there was puddles everywhere, the floor was soaking, the bed was soaked. It didn’t stop there, water was coming out for over 3 hours. Towards the end it was a trickle, but the bed had to be changed 5 times. I was next examined after my waters broke and I was 5cm dilated, the midwife let me have gas and air at this point as I was really upset and getting my self in a state. Gas and air is amazing, I loved it. I think about 6 hours past and I felt like it was about 20 minutes.

After being on the gas and air for 6 hours I said I wanted an epidural I could not take this any more. I was always so scared of having an epidural but at the time I didn’t care. After I had the epidural the pain instantly went, although I could feel my stomach getting tight when I was having a contraction it didn’t hurt at all.

12 hours passed and I was still 5cm dilated, at this point I had been put on a drip to bring and speed up the labour. I was on the drip for 6 hours and still nothing happened. So eventually at 1400 I was told I needed to go for an emergency C-section. At this point i just wanted baby to be here as the other half and I were so tired. We had not slept for over 30 hours.  I remember being so scared my whole body was shaking and I couldn’t stop it. I was also being sick at this point even though I had not eaten anything it was just bile from my stomach. At least this was going to be the end and We were going to meet our little baby. I forgot to say that we didn’t at this point know what we were having. From this point on I don’t remember a lot. the next thing I heard our baby crying and the midwife brought him round to see us. She said it was a little boy and he was fine. I was so overjoyed both the other half and me were in tears. Hubby went over to see little man while he was being weighed and checked. He then came over to me with him wrapped in a towel. I was looking at him but he wasn’t passed to me to hold him. He was born at 1447 and weighed 8lbs10.

After 10 minutes of my little man being born, the other half and baby were told to leave the room, they went off with the midwife and all I remember is seeing a doctor rush in without scrubs on. I didn’t at this point know what was happening and I was panicking. The was a nurse holding my hand telling me everything was OK, I knew it wasn’t though. After going on asking and asking what was wrong I was told that all was now OK, but when the doctor was rushed in it was because they couldn’t stop me from bleeding and I was losing too much blood. The doctors and nurses assured me they had now managed to stop me bleeding but I may need a transfusion if I feel light-headed when I managed to get out of bed.

I was taken to my new baby after being in theatre for 1.5 hours. I could not wait to hold him and cuddle him. It was the most amazing moment of my whole entire life. I couldn’t stop crying I was so emotional.  hubby was the first to give little monkey a feed as I was not totally with it after everything that had happened.

We were in hospital for 3 nights and no blood transfusion needed we got out of hospital on the 10th May 2011. As you will all know taking baby home is such an amazing feeling. After getting home I still had to inject my self for 5 nights due to me having the c-section. It was a very hard few days but the best few days ever. Our little family was perfect

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