11th September 2015

The Other Half – A Guest Post

Well what a good few years it’s been. I remember the day Rach said she was going to start a blog. It took me about an hour to stop laughing. Having known this lass for many years I thought a blog, and a successful one at that, was something that wouldn’t see the light of day. You see Rach often comes up with great ideas. She also forgets those ideas within minutes of thinking them. So, to see how well she has done with this Blog is something not only I am immensely proud of but something Rach should be proud of too. I think it is fair to say that Rach simply breathes our family and in particular our two boys – both of whom are absolutely fantastic.

For a while now I have been asking Rach if I could write a guest blog on her account. Secretly I’ve wanted to write a Blog of sorts for a while having seen the enjoyment, dedication and feedback that Rach gets. However, what is my niche? I can’t do a Blog on our family; after all I have a competitor right?

I think it was about 2 or 3 months ago I first mentioned it and immediately Rach said “go for it”, which if I am being honest I didn’t want to hear as it would give me encouragement to start one of my own… but again, am I missing a subject?? That’s always been the fear I suppose.

A little about me:

So what is my chosen subject? It should probably be The Posh (Peterborough United) having gone to my first game when I was living in Fishguard, Wales, when my Dad took me to my first game. Dad was Posh through and through and I am too…. as is my 4 year old. In my opinion you don’t choose your club as such… your club chooses you. My first game we got stuffed, but I was hooked…. but why? I could’ve been impressionable I suppose as Dad was a big Posh fan, but at the time we lost many more games than we won. It would’ve been easier to give up straight away but as I say, I was hooked.

I followed Posh all over the country for years. I still do, I always will do, and if the Boys want to join me when I think they’re old enough for away days then I will more than welcome them coming along. My mates who treat the boys like their own when they see them would also welcome them too…. days I really look forward to.

However, over the years slowly my passions have changed. Boxing is probably my main sporting passion now and I really don’t know why. Or do I? (Question for me, not you!). I remember watching Frank Bruno against Joe Bugner on the TV, back in the days when Boxing was on terrestrial TV only. The fight itself holds little memories, but for me it was the start of a passion. I was hooked. For years I watched whatever I could often begging my parents to let me watch whatever was on TV. Eubank, Collins, Watson and Benn… superb times to get in to Boxing. Nobody could watch these warriors and not be hooked, right? Boxing, and big fights, were probably the only thing my parents would let me stay up late for in truth with the only exception being New Years Eve. Then Pay Per View came in to play. My pocket money wouldn’t cover the cost of a bag of sweets let alone a fight so when I asked Dad if I could watch a Tyson fight on PPV (I was approx. 15 years old) I genuinely thought he would politely tell me where to go… to my delight he OK’d it. Since then, I’ve not looked back. In later years my (Irish) Mum told me of her Brothers successes in Boxing back in Ireland. I assume ultimately that’s where my interest was born, though subconsciously – maybe I’d heard conversations back in Sligo, I don’t know.

The joy I’ve had watching Bruno, Lewis, Eubank, Benn, Watson, Collins, Calzaghe, Hatton, Froch to name but a few has given me many memories and now there is a new generation. Groves, Billy Joe Saunders, Eubank Jr (ahum), McDonnell, Brook, Murray, Fury, Joshua…. again, to name but a few. The list could literally go on, and on, and on…. and….. you know the gist. Then there are all the American Boxers too!

A year or two ago, I remember getting a friend request from a twitter account named @DavyTrengove. Not unusual to get friend requests but my account is private and needs authorisation from me to approve followers. I thought at the time “who the dickens is Davy Trengove??” as my account is limited to friends only. I saw his hashtag (#BoxingHeads) and thought I’d check it out. Now my experience of Twitter has been mixed. I’ve followed accounts which spam you continuously and refuse to accept different views. This account though was different, it was not biased to any Promoter, any Boxer, division, nothing… it was a genuine guy who simply loved Boxing.

Over time, it was clear @DavyTrengove was someone who really gave a hoot about Boxing and wanted to get fans closer to Boxers, past and present. He is also in to Football too… another bonus for me but having seen his tweets, it’s clear he has a soft spot for Liverpool FC which means his interest in Football finished in the 1980’s 😉 All jokes aside this is a guy much like myself, but goes that much further. He tries to bring like minded people together.

I know Rach has a blog which is very family orientated but lets be honest we all have Adult interests outside of our children and family, right? For example Rach and I love to go to the Boxing, the Cricket and when a big game happens (which for Posh is very rare) she will come along to that too. I am sure some of you guys are exactly the same too and maybe you, your partners or both are big Boxing fans also. If that’s the case you I’d implore you to follow @DavyTrengove – a guy who really gives a hoot about his passion.

Finally as I said earlier, @DavyTrengove really likes to help fans get closer to their heroes. Over the last year or so @DavyTrengove has arranged the following events which have been hugely successful:


Ricky is my personal all time favourite and I can speak from experience as to just how great Ricky is during these events


I can only imagine how good this particular night was. ‘The Smiths’ are unique…. 4 Brothers, all of a very good standard with at least 3 possible World Champions and the other Brother who has fought twice for the World Title. Brian Rose a warrior from Blackpool who again has high hopes and entertains in every single fight, win, lose or draw.


Johnny Nelson – The face of Sky Boxing, Cruiserweight World Champion and a member of the Ingle Gym which has produced Prince Naseem Hamed, Ryan Rhodes, Herol Graham, Junior Witter and Kell Brook amongst others. There are still tickets available for this event and it’s one not to miss. Johnny, I am sure, will have many stories not only of his fights but also of his gym mates – it’s an event not to be missed.


As you can see, it’s not just Boxing @DavyTrengove puts on. Who wouldn’t love to see Gazza talking about his career? For me, Gazza was the Greatest England player in my lifetime and seeing him talk about his career, particularly his England career, shows me he was a player who truly gave a hoot. How many players can we say that about nowadays? Only a few I’d say. This event has sold out I believe but it’s further evidence of just how hard @DavyTrengove works to get us, fans of some of the greatest sportsmen this wonderful Country of ours has ever produced, closer to our idols.


It has been a genuine pleasure writing this post. Thank you to Rach who has let me do it, keep following her and spread the word of her Blog as she is genuinely doing this for the right reasons and I am so proud of her for continuing this fantastic Blog. Also, if you have similar interests, or you know people who do, please share this so @DavyTrengrove gets a follow and further recognition for the great work he is doing and the events he is putting on for us.

Finally… (at last I can hear you say) as an avid follower of this Blog, it would be great to read some of your partners interests and tips – particularly if they’re of similar interests to mine.

Thanks for reading… it’s been a pleasure.


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15 responses to “The Other Half – A Guest Post”

  1. Loved reading this! I’ve been asking my other half to guest post on my blog for so long but he just won’t do it! I think he thinks it has to be about family. Well like you say there’s adult interests outside of family!

    • Well I’ve not really asked him to do it before as I didn’t think he would want to. However one night he just asked me and I was over the moon. Maybe get hubby to read this and he can see it can be about anything :0 xx

  2. aww thank you so much I love this comment. xx

  3. cat culmer says:

    Lovely post. My hubby has only ever written one post for my blog, I think he’d kind of hoped he’d get a weekly slot!!

    Cat x

  4. Claire says:

    Guest posting is such a great idea! Awesome post, your OH is evidently a very passionate man! Awesome to see someone write with such enthusiasm about something they love 🙂

  5. What a great post! I agree with your wife, go for it! Create a blog as well, you would be great at it! And we need more male bloggers! 😀

    My husband only speaks Portuguese, which is our mother language, so to help me with my blog he’s learning about photography and he has been my personal photographer since day one of my blog 🙂

  6. this is such a great idea! i will have to see if chris wants to guest post for me. his loves are the guitar and grand theft auto – ha!

  7. I wouldn’t dare ask my partner to guest post, it would be about motorbikes and filth no doubt haha x

  8. Jessie says:

    This is such a lovely post. I think it’s great letting your hubby write a guest post. I might ask my boyfriend if he’d like to write a post on my blog.

  9. Your other half should definitely start his blog, this post was thoroughly interesting and his passion for boxing is evident. Great guest post 🙂

  10. internationalelfservice says:

    I loved reading this and I’m going to mention is to my husband who laughed when I asked if he’d do a guest post for me! Hopefully this will lay the gauntlet and put men all over the world on the spot 😉

  11. Michelle says:

    I love guest posts it’s nice to hear from other members of the family or blogging community. I want my hubby to do one now x

  12. Ana De-Jesus says:

    Aw sounds like you are an avid sport fan and it is so nice to spotlight another persons interests.

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