1st August 2013

The Magic Tooth Fairy game review and giveaway from Drumond Park.

We recently got the chance to review the magic tooth fairy game from Drumond Park. I knew as soon as I heard about this game it would be a massive hit. My cousins come round often and we love to get a board game out to play.

This game is for 2-4 players and ages 5+ the game is very simple and younger people could play.

magic tooth fairy 3

This is a board game and the contents of the box are…

magic tooth fairy 2

magic tooth fairy

to set the game up you lay the board flat and put the bed in the centre of the board. The bed has a spinner on it, along with a pillow where you put the teeth under. Each player starts with 4 teeth in the playing mouth which is made of plastic. The aim of the game is to be the first player to lose all their teeth and get the gold coins. You work you way around the board landing on different spaces. There are three types of spaces you can land on. These are going to bed, spin again and wobbly tooth.

If you land on the wobbly tooth space you can’t then roll the dice to see if you are able to pull a tooth out or no. There are three different colours orange means no, blue means yes pull it out and place the tooth in the players backpack.

If you land on a go to bed space, you can then spin the spinner at the end of the bed to see if you remembered to put your tooth under the pillow. If you did remember then you can put a tooth under the pillow and use the magic wand to turn your tooth into a gold coin. This will amaze the little ones as it is like magic.

The lose a turn space obviously speaks for its self. You lose a turn.

This is a great fun game and even younger ones can join in too. It is very simple and easy to pick up the rules. The adults will even enjoy this one.

Close up of the board

magice tooth fairy 3

The RRP of this game is Β£19.99 but I do have a giveaway for this game coming up. So if you think this game sounds fun and you would love to play it. You only have to enter the rafflecopter below.#


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  12. This looks amazing, especially as my daughters at the age where she is getting visits from the tooth fairy πŸ™‚

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    Yes, we have loads of Drumond Park games!

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  15. we love playing pig goes pop πŸ™‚

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    Hi, I’m following by Networked Blogs as Stephanie Cheung-Tsang

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    the logo game

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    i used to love doh nutters when i was younger and me and hubby have been looking at getting it for little ones birthday! My parents have a few at there but we are yet to start building up our own collection πŸ™‚

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    We started buying the kids board games last year at Christmas as our youngest daughter (4 next week) is getting older so she will not ‘ruin’ them – as in swipe all the pieces during play etc. We already have Doh Nutters which we bought her for Christmas but on her birthday list she has asked for Pig Goes Pop, Bubble Buster, and Pumpaloons – Thanks to the ads on Cartoonito and Nickelodeon. I have wanted the Logo Board game since it first came out but no matter how much I hint I still haven’t had it! πŸ™ May just have to add it to her present list when I am buying them )


    i do not own any of the games as yet

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