20th June 2017

Take Your Bedroom Back – Creating a Child-free Sanctuary

Take Your Bedroom Back – Creating a Child-free Sanctuary: The kids are finally all in their own rooms, and there are no plans for any new bundles of joy anytime soon. So you’ve finally got your bedroom back, but what’s next? You might not have any babies or toddlers sleeping in there anymore (at least, not permanently), but you can still feel like the bedroom doesn’t entirely belong to you. It’s important to reclaim it, whether it’s just yours or you share it with your partner. It should be somewhere you can enjoy time alone (or together) and maybe even escape from the kids for a few minutes. If you want to reclaim your bedroom and turn it into an adult-only sanctuary, take the following steps.

Set the Ground Rules
Before you touch your bedroom, it’s worth thinking about some rules for who’s allowed in and when. You don’t necessarily want to ban your kids from the room completely, but you also don’t want them climbing into your bed every night or sneaking in when you’re not around. Think about when you don’t mind them coming in to see you and when you would rather they stayed out. A cuddle in bed on Sunday mornings might be okay, but you don’t want a little visitor crawling in with you all the time. You might ask the kids to knock before they come in, and stay out completely if there’s no one in the room.

Come Up with a Redecorating Plan
Now you’ve sorted out some rules for who can come into your bedroom, you might want to think about making some changes. Everyone has different ideas of how much they might want to change the room, and how much they might spend. If you’ve had a cot or any other baby furniture in your room, removing it might be as far as you want to go. But if you feel like a change, maybe you could repaint and get some new furniture. A completely new bedroom can help to mark a new phase in your family’s growth and allows you to properly reclaim your room from the kids.

Choose a New Bed to Celebrate
When the kids moved into their new bedrooms, they all got new beds to mark the change. So it’s only fair that you should get a brand new bed when you get your bedroom back. If you’re thinking about changing just one piece of bedroom furniture, make it your bed. Chances are you haven’t replaced it (or your mattress) since before the kids were born, while the little ones have needed new stuff all the time. A new bed is sure to last you a good few years, especially if you get a quality mattress at the same time.

Make Your Bedroom Better for Sleep
You might do a lot of things in your bedroom, but its main purpose is to give you somewhere to sleep. Getting a lot of sleep when you’re a parent is tough, and it could still be a good few years before you manage a solid eight hours or more. But now you have your bedroom to yourself, it’s hopefully a little easier to sleep well. You can concentrate on creating a room that’s set up for sound sleep. There are lots of things you can do to make your room better for sleeping. Start off by thinking about the temperature and the lighting. Your room should be cool for a good night’s sleep, and you should remove any lights from chargers or gadgets. You might also benefit from using blackout blinds or curtains to remove any light from outside. A good mattress and the right pillow can make a huge difference to how well you sleep too. You should choose your pillow depending on the position you sleep in. For example, if you sleep on your front, your pillow should be quite shallow.

There are some general rules about how to sleep well, but everyone can have preferences. Some people like white noise, while others need complete silence. Of course, this can be harder to work out if you share your bed with someone else. There are ways to compromise, though, if you find you like opposite things.

Banish Kids’ Stuff
As much as you can, try to remove any children’s stuff from your bedroom. Sometimes it can be a struggle to find space for everything, but keeping it our of your room is best. One you’ve removed things like cots or changing tables, make sure you move drawers full of clothes and other items elsewhere. Make it a rule to keep toys out of your bedroom, except maybe the odd cuddly toy when they come for a morning visit. You don’t want to be stepping on anything when you get out of bed or staring into the eyes of a doll when you’re trying to sleep.

Give It All an Adult Refresh
When you’ve had a baby or toddler in your room for a while, the whole room can get taken over. It starts to look more like a nursery than an adult bedroom. Now that you’ve got it back, you can refresh it, so it looks more like an adult space. Apart from banning and children’s things, you can now decorate it, so it’s a more sophisticated space. Unlike other rooms in the house, like the living room or dining room, it doesn’t have to be a family room. You can make it more grown up with artwork and other items.

Tidy Up
You don’t need a huge budget to make a big difference. Sometimes it’s just the small things that help to improve a room. If you want your bedroom to be your sanctuary, you should treat it with respect. After getting all the kids’ stuff out of your room, make sure you keep all your things neat and tidy too. Put your dirty clothes in a laundry basket, or fold them neatly if you’re still wearing them. Stack your books neatly on the bedside table or put things away in drawers to keep everything neat.

Reclaim your bedroom for adults only by turning it into a peaceful sanctuary. Start by smartening it up and removing all traces of kids.

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