2nd September 2017

SunSense #Ad

How many of you have heard of Sunsense before?

I first heard about SunSense when I was in our Doctors with my youngest. I had taken him in because after using suncream his eczema had come out really bad. I had tried all different type of sun creams, ones for sensitive skin, special kids ones for delicate skin and every time his eczema came out so bad we ended up at the doctors. I asked the doctor what I could do because its not like I could take him out with no sun cream on, he recommended trying SunSense. It has to be the best thing he could have told me.

The first 2 bottles they prescribed for me so I got them on prescription for free but now I just buy them myself from the chemist or Boots.

When I was contacted a coupe of weeks ago by SunSense to try their products I jumped at the chance because I just knew how amazing the products were.

So a little bit about SunSense…

SunSense isn’t just for children with sensitive skin it can be used by anyone. I find it so easy to rub into my kids, unlike a lot of creams which I find to be sticky,hard to apply and makes them look white for ages. The SunSense cream spreads so easily onto the skin. Its does feel quite thin compared to a lot of creams but I have previously used it on both kids in 40 degree heat when abroad and they never got burnt. It’s actually all I use now I don’t even bother buying anything else to use on the kids. Another thing I love about it is the fact it dries in really quickly, It doesn’t leave the kids looking they they have cream on them

When I was contacted I was looking on the website I had no idea on the other products which SunSense actually produce. You can be sports gels, anti-ageing creams, lip balms and face creams which I had no idea about.

In my opinion there is nothing else that compares at all. I know everyone is different but I highly recommend this product and will be taking plenty with us on our upcoming holiday.

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