7th October 2012

Dyson DC34 Handheld Hoover review

Well I recently purchased the Dyson DC34. I would like to share with you my thoughts on this product.

I purchased this hand held hoover as I was forever getting out our big hoover if Archie had eaten a biscuit and some had gone on the floor or just crumbs on the carpet. It is so much easier to just whip this little Dyson out and hoover up the mess and put it back away.
In the past I have had a couple of hand held hoovers and they were not very good as in they didn’t have a lot of suction. Well that is most certainly not the case with this one. It will just about suck anything up you touch with it. I was very impressed with it. When I got it out of the box it was charged and ready to go. I gave my little monkey a biscuit so i could have a play with some mess on the floor.

Another thing which shocked me was how light weight the hoover was. The battery life is supposed to be around 15 mins but I have never used the hoover for 15 mins at a time so i cant comment on that. I tend to use the hoover then put it back on charge so it is fully charged every time I want to use it.

To sum it up I love this little hand held hoover and just wanted to share a few thoughts of mine about it in case any of you were thinking of purchasing one of this.

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