11th July 2014

Sunday 6th July 2014: Jess the Cat goes missing

Last week we thought we had a massive problem on our hands. Jess the cat went missing, she’s a teddy cat that Little Man takes everywhere with him.

Shes a black and white cat that we got in France when we went on Euro Tunnel for the day.

last week I remember Little Man had her on Monday in town. Then my mind went  blank I couldn’t remember where she had gone. By now it was Wednesday and thank god Little Man hadn’t mentioned her. He had been busy with his teddy and so Jess was forgotten about for a day. Once I realised she was missing I went into  total Panic and was quite upset about it.

Every Thursday Little Man takes Jess to nursery so I knew he would ask for her in the morning. Which he did (was she found though?)

I started searching the house-top to bottom looking everywhere you could imagine. The other half was searching as well for the best part of 3 hours. I ten sat down and traced out what we had done one the day she had gone missing. I started to remember things about where I had seen her and I came to the conclusion she had to be at home.


Litte Man and Jess the Cat

photo 2-8

By now it was 2300 and I really needed to go to bed as I was so tired, but I just couldn’t settle. Then out of now where I decided to look in the washing basket for some reason. There she was sitting inside the washing basket. I actually could not believe it. I was so happy I could have cried.

I went and put her in bed with Little Man where she was nice and safe. I really hope she wont go missing again as it was not a good time. I knew he would be devastated if Jess had been lost for good.

I think unless you have a child who has lost their favourite Teddy, you dont realise the kind of panic that sets in.

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