6th January 2013

Sunday 6th January 2013, Red nail varnish, White carpet.

Last Friday we had a friend’s wedding to go to. I decided that for the first time in however long I was going to paint my nails. Not the usual pale colours I usually go for, no.  A bright rich red colour.

I was sitting downstairs with little man playing with his toys. I had the little table up and had my nail varnish on the table,Ii was very aware that my little man was playing, and I needed  to be careful that he did not grab the bottle.

So imagine this…. I am sitting there painting my nails, red nail varnish on the table, white carpet underneath. When all of a sudden a plastic aeroplane comes flying towards me and the bottle of red nail varnish. The bottle fell to the floor and as I looked down to my total horror I saw the red nail varnish all over the white carpet. Not only on the carpet but also on our £2000 sofa. I could not believe what had just happened. I ran to get a cloth but as I rubbed it I saw the nail varnish smudging in, I realised that I  had no hope of getting it out. My  mum then arrived as she was baby sitting little man for us. She got a cloth and used nail varnish remover. This got most of the varnish out of the sofa, but as for the carpet. Well you can see for your self, it’s not coming out.



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  1. Oh no! I would be mortified! Poor you !

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