6th April 2014

Sunday 6th April 2014. Fun in the homemade sandpit

Once the weather started to get nice, I decided that I wanted to get Little Man a sandpit. He absolutely loves playing in sand so I knew he would love one.

I started to look around and found them to be so expensive, yet small and flimsy. Most of the wooden ones I saw looked like they wouldn’t last 5 minutes. So what did I do??? I decided to speak to my dad and get him to help me make one. This way it would be strong, cost would be nothing as my dad has an endless supply of wood in his massive garden.


photo 1-9

We found a base that was big enough for 2 children to sit in and still have room to play and make sandcastles. I painted the wood that made the edges. My dad then screwed it all together.

The end result is fantastic. We have a really sturdy, long lasting sandpit that I little man has already spend a lot of time playing in.


photo 2-7

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  1. Such an amazing idea Rachel . Playing with nature can be a great help to improve kid’s knowledge and creativity. Also this will help them to play under parents attention. Nice work.

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