30th December 2012

Sunday 30th December 2012. I am back!!



Hello to all the people who read my blog. I am really sorry that I have not posted anything on here over the festive period. On Christmas eve Little man was told by the doctor he had tonsillitis. Christmas day came and he had a high temperature, sticky eye and had been up most of the night crying, So he was then very tired in the day. He is still on antibiotics and is a lot better now. Just feels like Christmas has come and gone so fast, as I was busy looking after little man most of the time.

I will be back to blogging as usual now and letting you know what our family has been up to over the past week or so. Just wanted to let you all know I am still here, and why I have been a bit quiet.

Hope you all have a fantastic New Years Eve tomorrow. What are you all doing?

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