25th August 2013

Sunday 25th August 2013. Our trip to France

Whilst the other half has been off work we decided a few months ago we wanted to make the most of it and make sure we had plans to do things rather than sitting at home doing nothing.

We have been on our hot air balloon flight and our second thing we had planned was going on the Euro Tunnel to France. This was more for Little Man who loves trains and we got a cheap fare £60 return and decided to go. We stayed in Dover the night before as our train was at 0700. We stayed at the Holiday Inn which was literally 3 minutes drive away from the tunnel. Could not have been closer and the hotel was really nice.

Our room at the Holiday Inn

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We tried to get an early night but Little Man was so excited he wasn’t wanting to go to sleep early. He kept on getting out of bed and running around the room. Which was fine he was just excited. We eventually got to sleep about 2130 and our alarms were set for 0500. we had to check in by 0620.

Having Breakfast


0500 came and our alarms went off and surprisingly I wasn’t feeling tired. I was ready for our road trip and was really excited. We left Little Man asleep right up till we left the hotel room. I felt so guilty having to wake him up. I thought he would go back to sleep in the car but no, he knew we were going on the train and was so excited he was wide awake. We left the hotel at 0600 which we thought gave us plenty of time to check in, I mean that’s 20 minutes for a 3 minute drive. Only we could mess this up thought. We missed the turn off for the tunnel, how I don’t know as there was a massive sign. We were driving down a country road we realised we had gone wrong. We turned around and went back to where we knew we had gone wrong off a roundabout. Long story short our check in closed at 0620 and we got checked in at 0615. Was so very close to missing our check in and missing our train.

A very Excited Little Man at 0600 in the morning



Chilling on the train in the car


I absolutely love the Euro Tunnel it is so fast, easy to use and convenient. It took us 35 minutes and then we arrived in France. We left a cold England and arrived in a nice warm, sunny France. First off we went to Cite Europe and had a look around. Little man got a few new toys, we got some lovely cakes and bread. It was 0930 and bearing in mind France is one hour ahead of us and we had been up since 0500 it felt like lunch time to us. So for breakfast we had sandwiches and cakes but who cares we were having a road trip and it doesn’t matter. We then left and went to the Beach. It was so hot 35 degrees by 1300 which I was so shocked about seeing as the weather in the UK is so different but not so far away. We had our second Lunch on the beach, had ice lollies and watched the big ferry’s coming in which Little Man loved.





Beautiful day for the beach


Our train home was at 1700 so around 1500 we packed up and decided to make our way back. We wanted to pick up some wine and have a look around at the Euro Tunnel shops. This time we had no chance of missing our train. We picked up some wine and just waited for half hour for our letter to be called.

We arrived back in the UK at 1645 and Little Man slept the whole way home. He had stayed awake all day from 0600 to 1700 and he was so good considering he was so tired but wouldn’t give in.

We had a fantastic day and loved every minute. Mostly the hot weather.

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