29th September 2016

Our Summer Holiday to Cyprus August 2016

After a real bad few weeks before our holiday we had a really fantastic time. About 4 weeks before we were due to go away we decided we had to change our holiday from Turkey, I wasnt comfortable taking the kids to Turkey after the recent problems they had been having over there.

After a LOT of time on the phone and a lot of stress we finally got our holiday swapped to Cyprus. Non of us have been before and I have to say we loved it.

We stayed at the King Evelthon in Paphos and it was beautiful. Our room was medium size with a king size bed, kids bed and a cot for Bubs. We had a massive balcony which lead out to the pool. We decided to pay extra for a swim up room andit was ideal. The kids could have a sleep or chill in the room in the afternoon whilst we were in the pool. There were 11 swim up room all in a row and some of the people we met really made our holiday.

We arrived late at night to be greeted by the porter who took our cases off the bus for us, bought us cold drinks and showed us where the late night snacks were. (we arrived at 2230 Cyprus time) The porter took us to our room and showed us everything we needed to know. It was so hot Little man and I had to go and get in the pool, we had to be really quiet though as it was late. The pool was like a bath and it was so refreshing to get into after a full on day of travelling.

The next day was lovely, we went for breakfast which consisted of full English, pastries, meats and cheeses and fresh fruit. There was so much choice and something for everyone.

Our idea of holiday is to do nothing. We didn’t really want to go out on any trips all we wanted to do was relax and do nothing. The kids both love being in the pool and so we knew they would be happy. We ended up getting into a really good routine. We had breakfast, went back to our pool until lunch, after lunch Bubs would sleep for 2-3 hours and Little man would either relax with the Ipad or come out in the pool with us. Once Bubs woke up he would come in the pool for an hour or so and then it was time to get out, get ready for tea and go out for the evening. I know for some people this wouldn’t suit them as they would want to be out and about, for us it was perfect.

On the second week we met some friends that were also in the swim up rooms. One random afternoon we ended up having a really cool pool party in our swim up pool. There were 4 other couples and us. Everyone was drinking, we had the music on and it was so much fun. It was the most random afternoon but it actually was so much fun. The kids loved the attention they were getting from the other people and they all loved the kids. After meeting the other 4 couples we all become friendly and ended up going out to the evening entertainment together for a few nights and it was actually really nice to be together in a group and have a laugh with other people.

On day 4 unfortunately Little Man ended up at the medical centre with an ear infection in both ears! He was given ear drops and antibiotics and told to keep his ears dry for 4 days. After 4 days we ended up getting him some ear plugs so he could swim again. We had to visit the doctor again for him to check the infection was clearing up, which it was and he was happy for him to be in the water with the ear plugs.

We visited the kids club a few times and the kids really enjoyed it (we stayed with them) it wasnt the best and could do with a few more toys.

The lunch time food and evening food was great. There is so much to choose from always a chicken, beef and lamb dish and then fish, cold meats, rice dishes, kids choice, salads and so much more. If you cant find anything that you like then I don’t know what’s wrong with you ha ha!!! The desserts were delicious and again so many to choose from. The hotel also had 3 other restaurants you can visit. They are included in your all-inclusive but you only get one visit per week to each. There was an Italian, Mexican and Greek. We actually didn’t get chance to visit the Greek as it was booked up and all the time slots were all to late for the kids. (I was told though, if you go to the Greek then don’t eat all day they give you so much food) The Mexican and the Italian were both really nice though. The only downside to the Mexican and the Italian is that they don’t have anything specifically for kids which is a real shame. The pizza the kids had was a full-sized adult one which was such a waste as they hardly touched it, a kids sized pizza would have been a lot better!

Most of the staff are so helpful and I want to say a special thank you to Harry the security guard. He is fantastic with the kids and always came over to speak and he even arranged a special delivery for Bubs birthday which was a nice touch.

After 2 weeks away we usually feel really ready to come home, I have to say that neither Doug or I felt ready to come home and could have easily stayed an extra week. We had such a good holiday and although we probably wont go back we loved it. Reason for not going back is simply because we like to try different hotels and different destinations.


















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