11th April 2017

Startrite school shoes review

When buying shoes for both of the children I always go for the big well known names such as Start rite. When buying Start Rite shoes I know that we are going to get hard wearing, comfy and long lasting shoes.

Since Little Man started school I have come to realise that I must buy good quality shoes, they get so much hammer every day that paying that bit extra really makes all the difference. When we had the opportunity to work with Start rite I was over the moon as Little Man was in desperate need of some new school shoes.

After looking through the school shoes section on the website i knew exactly which ones we needed to go for… Start-rite warrior, SUPER TOUGH. The words super tough stood out to me and this is one of the reasons that made me go for these over a couple of others we were looking at.

The shoes have a scuff resistant toe protection, this is so important. I am sure all of you parents out there know how much kids love to drag their toes along the pavement when walking. Yeah that… It is so annoying when a lovely pair of shoes have have scuffed toes. The shoes are very light weight and I love the fact they have the velcro fastening which makes them easy to take on and off for small people. Little Man has been wearing these shoes for a month now and I have not had to polish them once. Just look how great they still look.

This picture shows just how fantastic the scuff toe protection is. The toe protector has worn as we know all kids scuff the fronts of their shoes, however the scuff toe protector has stopped the actual shoe part scuffing.

After being worn for a month

The part around the back of the ankle is padded which makes the shoes super comfy for children wearing them all day at school. Little Man said to me after the first day of wearing them… They are so comfy Mummy I thought I had kept my slippers on by accident until I checked.

The shoes overall look really nice and smart for school. These ones that we have reviewed cost £52 and I just know they will last until at least the end of this 2017 school year. His previous Start rite shoes were brand new in September 2016 and we have just replaced them with these new ones. That is 6 months of constant wear most days and I think thats pretty good going.

The shoes come in full and half sizes as well as 4 widths, so there is a size to fit and width to suit most. Start rite not only do school shoes but first shoes, toddler shoes, kids sandals etc. I have always paid that bit more for both of my kids shoes and would never go with a cheaper alternative.

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